Network Rail pilots Hitachi 3D Lidar: Harnessing digital solutions to power smarter passenger journeys

By Cara Chaffey posted 03-08-2021 15:13

Network Rail pilots Hitachi 3D Lidar:
Harnessing digital solutions to power smarter and more seamless passenger journeys

Around 1.8 billion people in the UK travel by train every year1. To keep pace with demand and improve passenger satisfaction, train network operators are increasingly investing in digital solutions that can improve safety, efficiency, sustainability, and passenger experience.

Although the travel restrictions imposed to help stop the spread of COVID-19 have temporarily reduced passenger numbers and delayed digital initiatives, it’s unlikely to halt them completely. In fact, looking to the future, digital health and safety solutions are likely be key to restoring passenger confidence and trust, while laying a foundation for Smart transportation solutions, which also have the ability to solve longstanding challenges in the industry and make mobility more sustainable. 

Network Rail / Manchester Piccadilly Station 

Manchester Piccadilly Station, opened in 1842 and now operated by Network Rail, the station is the third busiest in the UK outside London, with 30.22 million passengers passing through every year. Manchester Piccadilly Station prides itself on passenger satisfaction, achieving an average score of 86.5%2.

Network Rail owns and operates rail infrastructure in the UK, including Manchester Piccadilly station, one of the busiest stations in the UK. Using Hitachi 3D Lidar, the station team has taken part in a trial to understand whether they can automatically monitor crowding on platforms using a mobile app, and guide passengers to the right areas. It is envisaged that this monitoring will help (if fully implemented once Covid-19 restrictions are reduced) to better manage crowding, while improving the passenger experience and flows at the station

James Metcalfe, Station Shift Manager at Manchester Piccadilly, comments, “Hitachi has delivered a mobile-based web application that provides shift station supervisors and managers with a steady flow of data which is detailed enough to complement operational decision-making whilst retaining a simple interface suitable for use in a fast-paced, pressured environment. This is backed up by a dashboard for use at a strategic and planning level, providing a richer data interface suitable for post-incident debriefs, event planning, and understanding longer term trends. The system has received excellent feedback from the station team during its trial period.”

With over 100 years in operational technology (OT), including train rolling stock and rail systems, and 50 years’ IT experience and its range of digital solutions, including Hitachi 3D Lidar, Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights, Hitachi understands transportation and technology. Hitachi Vantara’s new transportation practice helps customers in the industry address their challenges and take advantage of new opportunities that help them innovate their business models to build new revenue streams.
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