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Nexway Brings Rapid Sales Performance Insight to Clients With Lumada DataOps

By Cara Chaffey posted 06-30-2022 13:02


With more than 700 clients and activities spanning more than 140 countries, Nexway is a leading global vendor of e-commerce solutions. Nexway specializes in enabling software publishers and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to build and manage online stores where they can sell subscriptions and deliver software to consumers. By seamlessly handling all the complexities of online sales, invoicing, taxation, subscription management, and multicurrency global payments, Nexway empowers its clients to focus on developing and marketing their software products and services.

Reporting to clients on sales performance has always been an important element of Nexway's services, requiring the company to consolidate and analyze data from several underlying systems. More recently, as Nexway has grown from a Europe-centric business to a truly global player, the variety of payment methods and providers it supports has also grown significantly. This in turn has increased the importance of analyzing payment routes and costs.

Nexway had originally deployed Pentaho Community Edition to replace an in-house-developed analytics tool that had become costly and time-consuming to use. The open-source Pentaho solution provided the scalability and centralization that Nexway wanted, together with user-friendly tools for creating reports and dashboards. As the solution grew in importance and value, Nexway decided to invest in the Enterprise Edition of Data Integration and Analytics, powered by Pentaho technology in the Lumada DataOps portfolio.

Lumada DataOps gives Nexway powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, with the ability to pull data from multiple sources for a clear view of performance. And by providing both dashboards and detailed reports, Nexway helps its clients autonomously visualize their business performance almost in real time. Larger clients with their own business intelligence (BI) infrastructure can choose to receive raw data; otherwise, Lumada DataOps provides intuitive views with easy filtering for nontechnical users.

Using Lumada DataOps, we have the flexibility to meet our clients’ changing needs around analytics, providing rapid insight that helps them optimize their marketing for increased sales and profitability. Frédéric Ribau, CPTO, Nexway


  • Increase insight into the total cost of different payment methods.
  • Automate delivery of internal reports and external client reports.
  • Gain flexibility to meet new analytics requirements from clients.
  • Optimize marketing through detailed analysis of sales by product, territory, and more.

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