ResEvo Enters The Big Data World

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About ResEvo

ResEvo (ResearchEvolution) is an innovative technology company based in Slovenia. Since 2007, they have managed over 60 business analytics projects with over 100 installations. ResEvo provides their customers with software that supports their business operations and analyzes their current processes with the goal to improve them. Their main product, ASK.BI (, is built on the Pentaho platform and is recognized as the first business application within central Europe to be featured on the IBM Marketplace.

ResEvo’s mission is to develop complex, innovative and high-quality software solutions, and to become an increasingly recognizable brand within Europe They are expanding their business and looking for partners including integrators, ISV’s and distributors globally.

Too Much Data, Too Little Information

It has been quoted that the size of the digital universe will at least double every two years, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Human-and machine-generated data is experiencing an overall 10x faster growth rate than traditional business data, and machine data is increasing more rapidly at 50x the growth rate1.

This data deluge is impacting all organizations. What companies do with their data is what separates successful organizations from less successful ones. The more data an organization collects doesn’t equate to success. Often too much data can be counterproductive; it’s about turning this data into practical and actionable business analytics for the right audience at the right time. What the C-Suite wants to see from the data is different than what a product manager wants to see.

Focusing on the C-Suite

ResEvo focuses on selling to C-Suite customers as they are viewed as the “owners” of the data and the final decision makers who need the data. It’s about having the data in the moment you think about it - even if it’s in the middle of the night or when you are jumping in your car. Employees have noted improvements in company’s culture, simply from having the data and analytics readily available to all.

ASK.BI is a simple and intuitive tool where any C-Level executive can ask simple questions and get answers in real time. Additional, they can “slice and dice” the data and apply filters to drill down to specific data points. Any user can extract valuable high-level insights or dive into the details if needed. As Tomaz Bergant, CEO points out, “if you know how to “Google”, you know how to ASK.BI”.

Fulfilling a Need

Although business intelligence tools have been around for decades, the market continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. Over the years, many BI tool styles have emerged to match the varied ways that business people need to analyze data.

ResEvo identified  this need and built an interactive solution ASK.BI – which has reinvented how users can access the information they need. Through a search based mechanism like Google or voice command query, managers can instantly access insights and analytics on any connected device anytime, anywhere just by entering keywords instead of time consuming data mining, report creation or ordering analysis.

Along with partners across Europe and Russia, ASK.BI is offered as a standalone, or embedded product to their customers across many different industries. Their flexible product is based on Hitachi Vantara’s scalable data integration and business analytics platform, known as Pentaho. ASK.BI can be installed on premises or in the cloud (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud)

Pentaho is “their window” into business intelligence. “If it wasn’t for Pentaho, ResEvo would not be in the business intelligence market. Hitachi Vantara’s data integration and business analytics platform is the foundation of their knowledge and software ResEvo” remarks Tomaz Bergant, CEO of ResEvo.

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration is used to consolidate data across all of their various systems, including ERP, CRM, HRM and SCM systems. Additionally, machine generated data is added to the mix.

Pentaho Mondrian OLAP server is the key component to ResEvo’s offering. End users can benefit from Pentaho Mondrian OLAP rich reporting features as well as high performing SQL queries. ASK.BI can be used as the “whole in one” analytical platform or can easily be integrated or embedded via REST APIs.

ASK.BI does what is expected from a modern business intelligence platform: “At the end of the day, business intelligence, is about answering business questions. The goal of ASK.BI is to become the C/PCC - Company/Production Control Center with a great user experience”.

Early Results

Compared to other BI platforms, ASK.BI’s search features enable end users to answer their business questions quicker – in fact anywhere from 10% to 90% faster.

ResEvo’s customers include many of Slovenia’s top 300 companies from different industries, i.e. telecommunications, energy, government and healthcare. Some of their customers include the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, Petrol (energy), Impol (aluminium production), DonDon (food services - retail), Iskratel (telecommunications), Cosylab (control system engineering and integration) and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (government). Their portfolio of customers spans technology, oil and gas, government, and healthcare.

ResEvo’s specializes in helping retail, finance and production organizations. They are striving towards creating company control centers (CCC). They believe that “intelligence is built from motivation and   data”. Motivation encompasses an organization’s vision, mission and values. In addition to these core principles, ResEvo firmly believe you need data and motivation to gain intelligence.

Bergant has stated that “Pentaho Mondrian has been an enabler and a key differentiator for his organization, especially as they embrace OLAP technologies.” Hitachi Vantara’s platform has empowered ResEvo to enter the big data world.


  • Pentaho provides ResEvo with IoT analytics which can handle their increasing volume, variety and velocity of data collected from their desperate sources.
  • The country-wide smart-cities initiative in Slovenia has driven ResEvo to be at the forefront of smart city technologies and the Pentaho platform has provided the necessary analytics, knowledge mining and predictions.
  • Improved progress to their CCC initiative with the help of Pentaho’s Weka and Mondrian technologies.

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