Visual Computing Transformation with Hyperconverged Systems and Hitachi NEXT 2018

By Dinesh Singh posted 09-12-2018 00:00


Hitachi Vantara has introduced GPU-integrated hyperconverged system Unified Compute Platform HC series to deliver rich user experience and improve enterprise productivity. Hitachi’s hyperconverged systems, powered by industry-leading VMware vSAN software, leverage NVIDIA graphic processors to support the performance and efficiency requirements of modern apps. NVIDIA is a proven platform for providing computing horsepower needed to accelerate your data center, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators deliver the high user density for virtualized desktops and applications and gives businesses the power to deliver great experiences to all of their employees at an affordable cost.

Hitachi’s UCP HC hyperconverged infrastructure with GPUs provide virtual workspaces and desktops to every user from knowledge workers and mobile professionals to engineers and designers. Customers deploying Hitachi’s hyperconverged systems and NVIDIA can be confident of exceptional performance enhancement for graphics-intensive apps such as VDI, CAD/CAE simulations, product design developments and visual analytics etc.

High Powered Visual Computing 

UCP HC’s software-defined architecture and NVIDIA GPUs Tesla M10, M60 and P40 provide the computational engine for the new era of visual workspace.

M60 – Ideal for demanding design and visualization workplaces.

P40 –  accelerates graphics performance and delivers higher user density to improve returns from IT investments.

M10 –  Well suited for data centers needing graphics acceleration for VDI environments. It helps enterprises meet the needs of digital workplace. It’s suitable for organizations migrating to Windows 10, which is a graphic-intensive operating system. Hitachi’s new hyperconverged offerings for the VDI use cases armed with the Nvidia M10 GPUs and all-flash architecture will better deliver the consistent native desktop experience to end-users.

All three GPUs are supported on Hitachi’s UCP HC V225G 2U appliances. Power and scale of GPUs is augmented with Intel’s next generation Xeon processors to allow greater workload consolidation.

Visual computing is another milestone in the growing list of enhancements introduced with UCP HC systems. Existing Hitachi customers and greenfield accounts have considered and deployed UCP HC for a range of workloads  MS Apps, VDI, test, genomic research, analytics and more. Many of these customers have shared their experience with Hitachi hyperconverged systems in different customer forums.

You have a unique opportunity to hear from data center practice leaders and industry experts at Hitachi’s annual NEXT conference, which will bring together data-driven innovators from around the world. Join panel discussion, Real-World Success: Transform IT With Hyperconvergence, with Conagra Brands, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and VMware and learn about design approaches and best practices to successfully deploy Hitachi’s hyperconverged solutions. Panelists will discuss aligning the business outcomes with hyperconverged use-cases, business benefits, decision-points when different or opposing requirements exist, functional capabilities and integrations. They will also discuss some of the probable pitfalls to avoid while embarking on the journey of hyperconvergence.

Look forward to seeing you in two weeks in sunny San Diego!