Cloud Acceleration Saves Lives

By Eric Silva posted 09-10-2019 21:32


Supporting complex application migration to the cloud is a challenging and time consuming task. Imagine doing that in an environment of high security and compliance regulations with the business need being collaboration, openness and sharing of ideas and research. That’s exactly the challenge faced by the American Heart Association and Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services.  

Fighting heart disease and stroke is a matter of life and death for the American people. That’s why American Heart Association teamed up with Hitachi Vantara to develop the innovative Precision Medicine Platform. This research collaboration platform required the most robust and secure IT infrastructure. American Heart Association chose Cloud Application Modernization Services from Hitachi Vantara for their expertise and in helping businesses migrate and operate in the AWS Cloud. 

Hitachi Vantara delivers accelerated cloud migration and transformational DevOps\DevSecOps managed services through it’s proprietary automated code platform called the Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform. This platform and it’s managment dashboards accelerate cloud migrations as much as 96% over manual menthods and 60% less costly than traditional cloud vendor templates:

Automated code generation and complex operation rigor enables organizations to maximize their dollars spent in their cloud investments. It's about coming in with expertise and transferring critical cloud and DevOps knowledge in order to continually optimize IT cloud services. A reliability engineering approach coupled with a code factory delivers faster business results from Cloud. It provides discipline, development of cloud best practices and enables advanced code automation that delivers faster and less costly business results than traditional cloud vendor templates or home grown DevOps techniques. It's takes hundreds of cloud migrations to be able to automate it. This is something only Hitachi Vantara, with it's October 2018 acquisition of REAN Cloud, can deliver on a global scale.

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