Achieving Data Resilience Across the Technology Stack

By Gregory Bucyk posted 02-12-2024 13:16


We have witnessed a variety of trends over the years, but one element remains constant, we all operate on data. As data requirements become more infused into every aspect of our professional and personal existence, data protection is rightly top of mind. In fact, so much so, that regulators have taken an aggressive approach:  first, putting into place guidelines around personally identifiable information, and second, as we enter 2024, moving toward expanding regulation to the protection of all data from cyber threats.

While data becomes imperative to our daily operation, the availability and protection of this data becomes critical for companies propelling their businesses forward. As GenAI brings in the next wave of innovation for our customers, even its success will be based upon the quality of the underlying data that it can pull from.

Hitachi Vantara has long recognized the underlying importance data has to our entire technology stack, and that resilient, scalable, and reliable solutions are needed to protect data.

As required for any solid structure, every infrastructure needs a strong foundation that can be leveraged. This is why Hitachi Vantara has built the unbreakable Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). Regardless of your customer’s size, VSP provides the scalability and reliability needed at the core. It addresses challenges to staff resources with a single operating system that spans across the entire portfolio to assure maximum efficiency. It also supports standards that allow for integration across value-add applications, and when it comes to data resilience, it delivers a standardized approach for data copy, snap shots and back-up. Furthermore, every VSP comes with the Hitachi Ops Center Protector for core functions and automation. The security functionality of Ops Center Protector can be extended with purpose-built applications, such as VM2020’s CyberVR, which provides for the world’s fastest ransomware recovery available today, with a recovery at scale tested to over 1500 VMs with expectation beyond that. Integration to heterogeneous backup tools allows for full data management and protection policies. 

A recent addition to the Hitachi data protection and management solution stack is the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)-to-Rubrik connector. Rubrik has been known for its zero trust data security, furthering the Hitachi approach in keeping customers’ data safe and recoverable. Rubrik's unique integration of immutable backup and quarantine features allows users to quickly identify the blast radius of the attack and the last known clean recovery points. The VSP integration also uniquely reduces the time it takes to delete VM snapshots by using storage snapshots. Reducing the amount of data written to the differential disk, in turn, reduces the load on a virtual machine and improves virtual machine performance. The resulting protected data can also be stored on Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform, thereby adding an additional layer of protection

In summary, we will continue to see that data dependencies drive solution decisions. In meeting companies’ growing needs and high performance requirements, and to best serve our common customers, we should seek and rely on solutions at every layer of the technology stack that can back up data without impacting the current workloads, quickly detect and repair data, and reduce the impact of data loss when an incident occurs. We understand that regulations, such as the Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA), will force a framework across the European Union (EU), but as we’ve also been witness to, our customers’ global reach may bring those regulations elsewhere and other geographies may adopt similar approaches. Time is running out for some to take action, but together we can assist companies in becoming secure, and more importantly, in protecting their data so that their businesses can thrive. 

To learn more on how Hitachi Vantara is focused on this area visit our Protect and Cover page.