Smart Spaces make Smart Cities

By Hubert Yoshida posted 01-23-2018 00:00


What do we mean by Smart Spaces? Justin Bean, Director of Smart City Solutions Marketing Hitachi Vantara, defines Smart spaces as urban and industrial areas that use video, IoT, analytics, and AI technologies to deliver insights to people, buildings and machines, to make organizations more effective and improve our quality of life.


Smart spaces keep people and property safe by providing better situational awareness, automated alerts for threats and incidents, manage incident records and evidence, and coordinate across silos. They enhance experiences, by moving people efficiently through roads, stations, and vehicles by understanding people flows throughout spaces and buildings for enhanced commerce and planning. Smart spaces also improve operations and efficiency, through cross-organizational data sharing and analysis, automate key tasks and infrastructure, and identify potential improvements and eliminate waste.

Smart spaces are the building blocks for smart cities, smart economies and smart societies as this slide illustrates


A city can only be as smart as the sum of its parts. Cities are expansive ecosystems, composed of entities ranging from government and law enforcement agencies, businesses, healthcare systems, airports and transportation, to utilities, schools, universities and more. Each of these organizations has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, but they all share common needs: They must increase operational efficiencies and cost savings, enhance the enjoyment and experience of the people they serve, as well as employees, and keep people and assets safe. The internet of things (IoT) is helping to connect our digital and physical worlds like never before. It drives new opportunities to innovate and make your business or organization, and the city it is located in, smarter, safer and more efficient. Sounds great, right? But where and how do you get started?

Join Justin Bean and our special guest, Dr. Alison Brooks, research director, Smart Cities Strategies and Public Safety at IDC, on a live Brighttalk Webcast tomorrow, January 24 at 9am Pacific time where they will discuss: What Makes a Smart City Smart?

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