Lumada Video Insights And DataOps Add Value to Video Assets

By Hubert Yoshida posted 07-01-2019 00:00


According to Stratistics MRC, the global video surveillance market stood at $19.51 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $63.2 billion by 2022. It’s unclear how many surveillance cameras there are in the United States, but the number is growing. Large numbers of CCTV cameras are being placed in cities all around us, on lampposts, buildings, train stations, and on main roads to help the police in solving crimes, managing traffic congestion, and guide first responders during accidents or other disasters. London is the most watched city in the world with over 51,000 cameras installed by the police to watch their citizens. The average person in London is captured on camera about 300 times per day. Most retail businesses, transportation centers, sports facilities, and school campuses in London have cameras for surveillance purposes which are not counted in the 51,000 installed by the police.

Justin Bean, our Director of Product Marketing for Smart Cities, points out that while the vast amount of this video data is being used to reduce crime, it could also be used to create a wealth of insights and alerts to support smarter operations, customer experiences, and business outcomes. Video data is the most underutilized source of data today. Video data is IoT data and it is massive. Even though a lot of surveillance data is over written when the storage gets full, Video data is still growing at over 330 PB per day.

In retail stores, where surveillance cameras were used primarily to detect shoplifters, video analytics can now be applied to optimize operations. Based on artificial intelligence, in-store video analytics introduce a new dimension in delivering actionable insights, enabling strategies that enhance the shopping experience, stimulate shopper retention and increase sales. By measuring hotspots, traffic flow, dwell time, and product display activity and comparing these trends over time, retailers are empowered to enhance store performance and operations in many meaningful ways.


Hitachi Vantara introduced Lumada Video Insights, to tap into this underutilized source of data. Lumada Video Insightsis an end-to-end, intelligent and adaptable suite of applications that delivers operational safety and business intelligence using internet of things (IoT), video, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. Lumada Video Insightsis an integral part of Hitachi Vantara’s DataOps strategy, which redefines data management for the AI era by seamlessly connecting data consumers with data creators to rapidly monetize customers’ data.

With Lumada Video Insights, customers can gather data insights to improve planning and identify opportunities for cost and waste reductions and factors to improve operational excellence. Key features of Lumada Video Insightsinclude:

  • Video analytics turns existing or new video data into insights and real-time alerts through AI analysis.
  • IoT, video and historical data can be visualized geospatially and graphically in a single-pane-of-glass view.
  • Video data storage and management solutions that ensure rapid speed and high volumes of foundational data are available, complete and fault-tolerant while simplifying data management.
  • Smart edge devices and video intelligence platforms that gather data and insights from anywhere.
  • Mine publicly available data from social media or the deep web for open-source intelligence and awareness of brand-related conversations in target areas.
  • Helps data-driven decision-making about safety, operations and customer experience.

Lumada Video Insights, can be used across many verticals to enhance their video surveillance data with new business insights. IDC has documented how Hitachi worked with the city of Las Vegas to turn the Entertainment Capital of the World into a Smart City. The city selected Hitachi's Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence solution, (Lumada Video Insights), which is a combination of hardware and software that leverages intelligent video and other Internet of Things (IoT) data to provide a single view of activity, operations, and safety issues with intelligence for real-time data and analysis. Crucial to the solution's effectiveness for Las Vegas is the ability to analyze vast amounts of unstructured data captured from numerous cameras spread throughout the city and present the information in a visual and easily interpretable format.

The City of Las Vegas video analytics solution has wide application and has been implemented across several city departments, including traffic management, waste management, parking, and police. Las Vegas’ CIO, Michael Sherwood says that the city has learned a great deal about its residents, its operations, and its potential to improve in the process. We've learned a lot about our streets and how people interact with them. While that may seem like a minor observation, greater knowledge about assets that people use multiple times a day can translate into better service for those people. For instance, saving 15 to 20 minutes for people to find a parking space may not seem like much, but it enhances the visitors experience with Las Vegas.


Lumada Video Insightsstrengthens the Lumada portfolio of data-driven applications, which is further supported by Hitachi Vantara’s DataOps strategy for data integration, orchestration, storage and management offerings to provide end-to-end solutions and business value to customers around the world.