NEXT 2019: Day One of an Amazing New Journey For Hitachi Vantara

By Hubert Yoshida posted 10-10-2019 06:34

This morning in just two hours, the executives of Hitachi and Hitachi Vantara, made game changing announcements that will accelerate the pace of digital transformation for Hitachi, our partners, our customers and most importantly for society as a whole. Hitachi Vantara Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Martin, opened the excitement for Day One of NEXT 2019 with an energetic, futuristic, kickoff in the Grand Canyon Arena of the MGM Grand.

Powering Good
Hitachi President and CEO of Hitachi Ltd, Toshiaki Higashihara, continued the excitement by setting the direction with Hitachi’s 3 year midterm plan which, simply put, is to build “GOOD” things to “POWER” the world around us.

This plan will focus on three areas, Social Value, Environmental Value, and Economic Value, across 5 solution areas, Mobility, Smart Life, Industry, Energy, and IT. 

Mr. Higashihara also announced that we will be expanding our digital capabilities by integrating Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting in January to unlock new levels of value creation for our customers and partners.

Made by Data
Since “Powering Good” will require data, the theme of this event was “Made By Data”, and Brian Householder, CEO of Hitachi Vantara, talked about the new rules for the data economy.

To illustrate the need for new approaches that will be required to meet the new requirements for privacy, He showed a live LIDAR of himself on stage. LIDAR is a detection system which works on the principle of radar but uses light from a laser. The advantage is that it can be used to see what activity people are engaged in while obscuring the identity of the person or persons.

He used this to introduce the concept of DataOps. That is a LIDAR of Brian moving across the stage.

Edge to Core to Cloud Announcements
Brad Surak and his team took the stage to announce an amazing menu of new modern architectures that will enable digital business agility from edge to core to multi-cloud. Included in the announcements were:
  • Virtual Storage Platform 5000 led the list of announcements. The VSP 5000 is the highest performance NVMe storage array with 21 million IOPS and 70 microsecond latency. The VSP 5000 was re-architected to eliminate the bottlenecks which limit the performance of other NVMe storage arrays. It has the most scalability with up to 12 controllers and 69 PB, and maximum reliability and availability of 99.999999%. Intelligence in the VSP 5000 can analyze the incoming data stream and provide adaptive data reduction to maximize performance while using deduplication or compression. Like other VSP storage arrays, the VSP 5000 can virtualize other storage arrays so that they can inherit the capabilities of the VSP 5000. Hitachi Vantara CIO Renee Lahti, was joined by Matt Bouges, Enterprise Architect with Conagra Brands to talk about their experiences with the VSP 5000. Mr. Bouges commented on datacenter efficiency, consolidated workloads, reduced footprint, reduced power/cooling, and simplicity.
  • A Hitachi Ops Center announcement which combines our technologies to enable AI-Driven operations for ease of use and reliability. Bringing together key management and orchestration capabilities into a new Hitachi infrastructure management suite… With tighter integration and faster time to value, simplified device management, and intuitive application aware data protection and copy data management. Ops Center can accelerate customers toward an autonomous data center by automating up to 70% of tasks and can offer faster, more accurate insights to diagnose system health and keep data operations running in top condition.This was illustrated by a live demo. Hitachi Ops Center can optimize applications and workloads for cost, performance, and business agility. Enabling the automation and streamline the management of a hybrid cloud while leveraging the investments and security of the data center.
  • Announcement of Hitachi Cloud Services with REAN integrated with our existing HITACHI ENTERPRISE CLOUD managed service offerings. HITACHI CLOUD SERVICES is a suite of technologies and managed services to accelerate and de-risk our customer’s journey to the cloud. This service automates the provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure and applications, whether virtualized or container-based. This platform automates the deployment and configuration of applications and optimizes the applications for security and compliance. Hitachi Vantara Chief Solutions and Services Officer, Bobbi Soni, was joined on stage by Dr. Jennifer Hall, Chief of the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, American Heart Association who described how their Precision Medicine Platform has helped to close the chasm between science and data analytics, creating a single platform bringing data, advanced tools and collaboration together.
  • Lumada Edge Intelligence 3.0 is the latest version of our edge software that provides capabilities for local data operations, machine learning, streaming analytics and standalone IoT application solutions with pre-configured hardware and software combinations optimized for: data integration, application management, data movement, and AI at the edge.
  • Lumada Data Services simplifies Data Ops with a suite of services accessed from a central, cloud-based control plane. Data can be managed from anywhere for analytics, governance and operational agility. This can be done intelligently leveraging edge to core to cloud metadata and policy-based orchestration. Included in this suite are Data Flow Services to handle both structured and unstructured data pipelines. It seamlessly interoperates with Pentaho for structured data and Hitachi Content Intelligence HCI for unstructured (docs, video, et) This also announces a major new release of Pentaho 9.0. Lumada Data Optimizer brings cloud economics to on-prem data lakes by moving less frequently used data to object storage with complete transparency to Hadoop apps. This will provide a huge cost saving for most organizations that use Hadoop.
  • Lumada Data Lake is a next generation, first of a kind data lake offering a cost-effective multicloud storage, powerful data operations and simple end user management. It is targeted at Hadoop’s HDFS layer for those customers who may already be looking for a replacement technology. It offers a pre-integrated solution that includes HCP for Cloud Scale , HCI and Pentaho capabilities offered as a single packaged offering. Innovations include: Intelligent placement of data in the optimal location, logical object store and catalog, continuous curating to avoid data swamps, data zones with policies, open S3 APIs for analytics.

The announcements today, are the most impactful announcements that I have experienced in my career with Hitachi. VSP 5000 is a major advancement for organizations that are looking to modernize their data center across a wide range of workloads and edge-to-core-to-multicloud deployment models. The new Hitachi Ops Center brings AI to infrastructure management and operations to improve decision making and modernize resource delivery for maximum return on investment. Hitachi Vantara cloud services can provide greater flexibility and agility for delivering improved business processes. Hitachi has continued to evolve Lumada to be a data management and applications platform beyond IoT to all types of data in all industries. I am excited to see these announcements roll out