Lumada Edge Intelligence: Data Ops At the Edge

By Hubert Yoshida posted 02-25-2020 23:11


Lumada Data Services is a suite of products that is designed to help you to easily and securely connect data between data producers and data users without locking you into proprietary data stores or cloud silos. The goal of Lumada data Services is to empower you to govern and access all your data assets from edge to core to cloud, providing policy-based, highly automated and intelligent data operations based on business policies to speed AI model deployment and ensure data quality, compliance and cost savings.

Lumada Data Services consists of horizontal solutions for Lumada Edge Intelligence, Lumada Data Lake, Pentaho, and Lumada Data Optimizer. There are also Lumada solutions for vertical applications for Lumada Maintenance Insights, Lumada Manufacturing Insights and Lumada Visual Insights.


In this post we’ll start at the edge and take a close look at Lumada Edge intelligence. I plan to go into the other Lumada solutions in subsequent posts.


                                             Lumada Edge Intelligence Product



Lumada Edge Intelligence offers a flexible way to read, write and transform data to and from operations systems on the edge via MQTT, AMQP, Modbus, HTTP, and other protocols. It provides a console which includes out-of-the box device interfaces and allows you to manage gateway devices for store and forward. Customers can choose from preconfigured hardware and software combinations for data integration, device management, application management, data movement, alerting, analytics and AI at the edge in order to quickly respond to critical events and process interruptions to save money and optimize operations. Edge Intelligence also improves intelligent data operations by integrating with your enterprise processes and overcome network connectivity and data storage challenges. Edge intelligence enables seamless integration with Pentaho Data Integration as well as Pentaho Business Analytics and other third party tools for analysis and data management.


Edge Intelligence runs on any hardware platform that supports Linux CentOS kernel and meets minimum hardware requirements. Microservices scale up or down, depending on the available compute. Hitachi Vantara also provides prequalified hardware with dedicated computer configurations such as Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 and DS7000 series, in one node or three node configurations for high availability. Hitachi can also provide a line of IoT gateways and high capacity storage platforms that can be leveraged as part of a complete IoT solution.


Lumada Edge Intelligence is a great addition to any IoT solution where cloud or data center storage costs, application latency, and site or asset level reaction time is a concern. With the new Lumada Edge Intelligence software, customers can expect to:

  • Reduce reaction times to critical events in industrial operations with real-time insights, analytics and machine learning.
  • Future-proof IoT deployments with a standards-based, open and flexible application and solution environment to drive business differentiation and agility
  • Cost-optimize and reduce the risk in local operations data management while supporting corporate-wide intelligent data operations


The Lumada Edge Intelligence product is especially well suited for maintenance and manufacturing applications. Without intelligence, maintenance is done on a scheduled basis and parts are replaced on a schedule whether that part really needs replacement or not. In other situations, parts continue to be used when they are worn, leading to increased wear on other components, quality issues, and unscheduled down time. Lumada Edge Intelligence can automatically collect sensor data, apply data mining technology and predictive diagnostics to apply machine learning to detect anomalies and display the deviations on-screen to help pinpoint failures and determine the degree of urgency.


Lumada Edge Intelligence is also important for various environments that do not permit the use of the cloud or connection to the outside for reasons of latency, heightened security, or governance. By installing devices that enable information processing on the customer’s machinery and equipment, it provides an edge-computing environment that can perform a set range of information processing, and feedback the results to users, without allowing the information to leave the system. This brings the speed of predictive diagnostics closer to real time, thereby meeting the needs of customers who do not want data to leave the system.


For more information on Lumada Edge Intelligence please visit this web page