The Data Ops Advantage of Storage Virtualization with VSP E990

By Hubert Yoshida posted 04-26-2020 17:10


Hitachi Vantara’s E990 Storage System is an NVMe based, all-flash storage system, for the midsize enterprise customer. It has all the enterprise capabilities of the high end VSP 5000 product line and comes in a 4U design. It comes with Hitachi’s Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF) which is optimized for NVMe flash systems and sets it apart from other NVMe storage systems with superior latency and IOPs performance ( 64 μs and 5.79M IOPs). Hitachi is the only storage vendor who uses one operating system, SVOS RF across its entire storage product line to enable customers to manage and replicate data between SVOS RF systems without creating silos of data.


The E990 is also powered by Hitachi's Ops Center, an artificial intelligence-driven management program that enables simplified storage provisioning for AI, machine learning (ML) and containerized applications. Ops Center's AI-enhanced management can streamline storage delivery by up to 90% for demanding applications and reduce manual storage provisioning tasks by up to 70%. Hitachi has optimized its compression and deduplication capabilities which enables it to offer a Total Efficiency Guarantee: Up to 7:1 Savings. If you are unable to store the capacity that we guaranteed, Hitachi will deliver additional storage to fulfill this total efficiency guarantee. This guarantee is part of Hitachi’s Flash Assurance Program, which provides flash investment protection underpinned by an industry-leading 100% data availability guarantee. With the E990 announcement, Hitachi also announced a new program called EverFlex, which  provides consumption-based pricing models for the entire Hitachi Vantara portfolio, ranging from basic utility pricing to custom outcome-based services to Storage-as-a-Service.


Hitachi VSP family of storage systems have been designated as F models for All Flash Arrays, and G models for Hybrid flash and disk based storage systems.  In order to fit the definition of All Flash Arrays, the F models like the VSP F900 storage system were restricted to supporting only flash media, even though many customers saw the advantages of including a tier of lower cost HDD media. If customers wanted this lower cost tier, they would select the G models like the VSP G900. The G models could also virtualize externally attached storage systems from other vendors through FC or iSCSI connections. The definition of All Flash Arrays precluded the F model from virtualizing external storage arrays.


With the E990, we now have a VSP storage system that is all NVMe flash only but can also virtualize external storage systems. The VSP E990 with SVOS RF provides a virtualization capability which enables you to consolidate silos of 3rd party arrays behind a VSP E990.  The E990 can front end legacy 3rd party storage systems and enhance them with the benefits of Hitachi NVMe performance, dedupe, compression, and resilience. Virtualization provides a common pool of storage which a storage administrator can now provision from a virtual pool of storage. His productivity increases, he has a common set of tools across all platforms, and even more tools that were previously reserved for enterprise class data centers.



The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family provides the ultimate in enterprise data management. Based on the industry’s leading storage technology, VSP systems offer reliable, enterprise-grade capabilities at price, capacity and performance levels designed to satisfy your unique requirements. The E990 provides you with the latest enhancements of NVMe performance and availability which can provide an ROI across your legacy storage estate through storage virtualization.