Smart Spaces for Uncertain Times

By Hubert Yoshida posted 09-03-2020 21:19

These are certainly uncertain times. Everyday there seems to be some new unsettling event that triggers a wide-spread disruption that threatens our our health, our safety, and our livelihood. I live in California, where hundreds of fires suddenly erupted, due to lightning strikes, and raged through the forests and grasslands, destroying homes and businesses while other parts of the country were devastated by hurricanes and floods. All of this against a background of a pandemic, an economic downturn, and social unrest. The speed at which these changes occur is magnified by social media, climate change, and political unrest.

In order to manage these uncertainties, and quickly respond to these events, we need to create smarter spaces to enable people, buildings, machines, and landscapes to anticipate, prevent, respond to, and manage these events and their aftermath. Smart spaces are urban, commercial, industrial, and remote areas that use video, social media, internet of things (IoT), analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to deliver insights to people, buildings and machines, to make organizations more effective and improve our quality of life.

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Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) provides a platform for smart spaces, for representing just about any real-world object, such as a building, car, camera, train, boat, power pole, you name it. By integrating critical video and event sources together with fixed and moving assets. HVS provides visual and geospatial correlation in a simple interface that takes command and control to a new level. Integrating disparate data and video sources and using existing public safety assets, both private and public, HVS applies analytics and the best visualization interface on the market.

Although many of the fires in California were caused this year by lightning storms, in the past, major fires have been caused by power line failures. In Australia which had their share of fires last year, Meshnet, a Perth based company has been working for decades to develop technology that could anticipate failures in wooden power poles, which can fall starting damaging bushfires. The poles have a life of around 50 years and the standard practice to monitor their integrity is to bore test holes every few years. Now with a solar powered accelerometer, by detecting small movements Meshnet’s technology aims to be able to remove the need for these tests, anticipate failures and potentially extend the service life of poles. Meshnet is now looking at adding temperature, humidity, wind velocity, atmospheric pressure and rain sensors to devices installed every 2.5kms on power poles so that a commercial rollout would provide Australia with hundreds of thousands of weather stations. They are also looking to add a blue tooth app which would allow people in remote areas to send messages by going to their nearest power pole.  All of the data from the units would go into a visualization suite on Hitachi servers and another package, Pentaho, which would do all the reporting analytics. Video cameras could also send alerts when vegetation needs to be cleared back or when lightning or any other fires are ignited in remote areas.

Another important feature in today’s environment is the Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer (SIA)which leverages Social Media Intelligence for smarter security and operations. Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer evaluates data from a diverse range of social media and web sources in real time, so businesses can proactively address any threat or concern to corporate security. The solution is a cloud-based intelligence platform that gathers and filters real-time open source data to identify issues that might affect a company’s workers or assets. Social Intelligence Analyzer replaces the time-consuming and costly manual process of searching social media content. Using specific, user-defined filters and keywords, the solution helps companies understand the context and nature of social posts related to their organization. These filters also eliminate the noisy commercial content that makes up the majority of social media feeds so businesses can respond faster, prevent dangerous events and guide future strategies. Social Intelligence Analyzer processes millions of posts daily, allowing corporate security teams to leverage social content to quickly identify and address issues such as fraud, data leaks, executive protection and more. Law enforcement can also use SIA to monitor threat levels and anticipate the gathering of crowds.

Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer only provides the data that can be immediately acted upon, enabling security teams to quickly determine a threat’s credibility and proactively address issues.
Automated Alerts
Push notifications send real-time alerts to immediately notify of potential threats or situations, allowing staff and security to act on them instantly and effectively.
Location Services
Identify posts that are relevant based on location through geo-enabled posts or inferred location from post content.
Complex Link Analysis
Visualize open source content and online communities in a usable format that’s easy to organize and assists in understanding relationships.
Event Reenactment
Develop historical queries to recreate an event from a social perspective to find critical information and insights.
Smart Data Mining
Gather, sort and filter millions of posts daily, specifically targeting and identifying only the posts relevant to an organization’s scope of interest

Social Media Intelligence Means Smarter Security
Social media offers real-time intelligence that organizations can use to increase awareness of impending issues and incidents. But scanning and manually monitoring social media sites is no longer adequate to provide insights that can prevent incidents. With Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer, companies can transform social media data into actionable intelligence that enables proactive safety and security.

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