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Object Storage: A Platform Powerhouse

By Jason Hardy posted 12-09-2020 21:54


Object storage has transitioned from an archival and Tier 2 backup solution to a digital age powerhouse for its massive storage capacity, processing power and security capabilities. The digital age has generated a deluge of data, much of it unstructured. Faced with high on-premise and cloud storage costs, the inability to perform data analytics, and the increased risk of non-compliance with regulations protecting consumer data, forward-looking organizations are turning to object storage to manage, analyze, protect, and even build critical applications supporting this data. 

Storing data in its native format means it can be managed reliably and cost effectively, but the real benefit of object storage comes from the enablement of adding intelligent metadata to unstructured data making it searchable, and therefore valuable to organizations looking to maximize their business outcomes. 

To realize the true potential of object storage, however, organizations need to do two things. First, they must make a strategic commitment to the technology, namely they need to determine what data they have and how valuable it is, formulate a plan to store that data, and enrich it with the metadata necessary to increase its value. And second, a thoroughly enabled organization needs personnel with the talent to implement an innovative object storage integration. A move to object storage can help your organization as part of an overall data strategy that supercharges your infrastructure while minimizing your risk and opening up new business opportunities. 

A new white paper from MIT Technology Review Insights examines how real-world companies have leveraged object storage to meet their goals. 

Download the paper here .
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