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No more compromises

By posted 04-15-2021 16:03

Its 2021, and I think we should be done compromising.  2020 was the year of getting by, but this will be the year of moving past.  For many companies, that will mean addressing the infrastructure investments that were postponed due to Covid.  Others are building their new-normal datacenters with work from home playing an integral role.  All of them are interested in proven availability, powerful security, and predictable value.

For midrange customers in particular, 2021 should be the year of moving past compromises.  These customers have had to choose between Enterprise features and Entry budgets for much longer than the nightmare we know as 2020.  The midrange customer’s data is just as important to that customer as any Fortune 500 customer’s data is to them, but 100% Data Availability guarantees don’t normally come in 2U packages.  Similarly, all businesses are interested in securing their data, but immutable snapshots to protect against ransomware typically comes in high-end solutions.  In the midrange space, a storage admin may wear many “storage team” hats.  She may do provisioning, performance management, and capacity planning.  And she may be the VMWare “team,” too.  Features that take a dedicated administrator are compromises we shouldn’t make anymore. 

Enter the new additions to the Hitachi E Series; the VSP E590 and E790.  These 2U systems have all of the engineering that make the VSP family famous, including that 100% data availability guarantee.  Maintaining that kind of availability is critical to protecting revenue generation, but it also means you’re buying infrastructure that doesn’t require your constant attention.  Instead of spending your time fixing a down array, spend it deploying new applications or, better yet, planning an evening out with friends (it is 2021 after all).  While you’re out, enjoy the moment.  Don’t spend it worrying about the security of your data.  The VSP E Series, like all of the VSP family, can take snapshots of your data and can lock those snapshots.  If the worst happens, recovery from a ransomware attack can be as quick as revert and go.  The E590 and E790 2U systems are designed to provide value.  Of course, that includes monetary value with predictable pricing and flexible consumption models.  It also includes value in ease of management, with an embedded GUI that will have you provisioning storage before your Uber arrives.

Beyond infrastructure for the new normal, midrange customers are looking at how to deploy operational protection for their datacenters and their mobile workforce.  Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS) powered by our longtime partner Commvault provides the same “no compromises” approach to data protection that the E Series does to storage infrastructure.  HDPS can utilize the hardware snapshots of the E Series for fast recovery, while using low-cost options like Cloud for long term backups.  In this new-normal world, protecting data for an increasingly mobile workforce can be as important as protecting the central “source of truth” in the datacenter.  HDPS excels at both and enables end user self-service so you won’t be paged to do a restore when you’re at the movies.

So here is to 2021 and moving past compromise with the E Series and Commvault. 




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