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New PMI Plugin - PMI Visualization

By Kenneth Wood posted 12-11-2019 17:47


PMI Visualization – 3D Exploration and Scatter Plot Matrix

There is a new Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI) plugin available from the Pentaho Marketplace for data science data exploration called “PMI Visualization” from Hitachi Vantara Labs. This is a separate plugin from the core PMI plugin for machine learning, but is part of the PMI suite of data science and machine learning tools.

This PMI feature uses a spoon perspective to visualize your data from just about any step in your transformation. It provides a 3D viewing perspective of your data and what I call “flying through your data”, and a Scatter Plot Matrix of every data point pairing of your dataset.

This new visualization plugin can be directly downloaded and installed from the PDI Marketplace. Click on the “Install” button, then restart spoon.

This plugin comes with an example transformation and the “segment.csv” dataset when installed. The “segment.csv” dataset is a publicly available machine learning, 7 class dataset that you can use to build ML models with PMI or explore the features of the PMI Visualization plugin. The samples are located in an “examples” folder located at,




Rather than writing about the features in this new plugin, I’ve recorded a demonstration video using the “segment.csv” dataset and the example PDI transformation. We hope you enjoy this.




06-10-2022 08:01

This project provides visualization capabilities to the PMI project. Two types of visualization are provided initially, in the form of a plugin Spoon perspective. These are a scatter plot matrix and a JavaFX-based 3D scatter plot visualization. Java 8 must be used to run PDI/Spoon in order for the 3D visualization to be available.
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