Supercharge Your Business by Monetizing the Value of Your Data

By Kriti Adlakha posted 09-22-2020 10:30

As oil fueled the economic growth in the 20th century, data will be the catalyst to drive digital transformation and economic growth in the 21st century. If one believes that data is the catalyst for economic growth in the 21st century, then we need to ask this critically important question - Is our organization effective enough in leveraging data and analytics to power our business models? 

Most organizations struggle to correctly utilize historical data insights to predict future business outcomes. Modern businesses have the infrastructure and culture that helps them to learn from AI/ML data insights and successfully evolve, innovate and monetize. Successful digital transformation is based on the foundation that allows continuous learning and adaptation with minimal human intervention.

Hitachi Vantara data modernization experts discuss how data lakes can help not just in managing data but having the ability to extract value from that data in very little time; to help monetize the wealth of organizational data. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how data is essential to stay innovative and competitive, how leading organizations are transforming their data lakes into data monetization platforms while learning about data-centric, analytics-driven business opportunities in different industries.

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