Lumada Data Services Lays The Foundation For An Intelligent DataOps Practice

By Lothar Schubert posted 10-09-2019 12:46

Introducing the All-new Lumada Data Lake and Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop

Placing the “right data at the right place at the right time” is often the biggest hurdle in the race to data-driven innovation. It is also the reason we’re so excited to unveil Hitachi Vantara’s latest data management solutions: Lumada Data Services, Lumada Data Lake and Lumada Data Optimizer.

With more and more data coming from all sides, attempts to consolidate to “one cloud” or datacenter is pretty much a Sisyphus task. It’s also expensive and even counterproductive to achieving the underlying business goals at hand. That’s where our new Lumada solutions come in: rather than spending much of your precious time on “collecting data” (resulting often in data swamps), you start realizing the benefits of “connecting data” (curated data shared more easily between data producers and data users).

With Lumada Data Services, our goal is simple: without locking you into proprietary data stores or “one cloud” silos, we empower you to govern and access all data assets, wherever they are: data center, AWS, Azure, GCP, or even IoT Edge. What’s more, we’re making fast progress on providing policy-based, highly automated and intelligent data operations based on business policies, such as for performance and speed of Artificial Intelligence (AI) model deployment, for data quality, compliance or cost savings.

And by “all” your data assets, we really mean it as this includes structured files (such as transactions records, master data, and IoT time series data) and unstructured “content” (such as media files, and documents), and anything in-between.

As more and more organizations move to a DataOps model, our new Lumada solutions will surely ease the transition. We’re not the only ones who feel this way though – our esteemed partners are equally excited about the innovations:

"As the Apache Cassandra experts, we help customers solve the toughest data challenges associated with building and running modern applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments," said David Waugh, Senior Vice President of Market Development at DataStax. "We're excited to see Hitachi Vantara's new Lumada Data Services come to market to help customers feed data to scalable NoSQL databases - like Datastax Enterprise - across any cloud."

“We specialize in offering innovative and transformative Big Data Management solutions that are scalable, flexible, cost-effective and seamlessly work with customer’s existing IT infrastructure, said Michael Kienle, CEO, it-novum. “Hitachi Vantara’s new Lumada Data Services fits this strategy perfectly, which is why we’re so excited to share it with our customers.”

About Lumada Data Services
Lumada Data Services enables business innovation with an intelligent data foundation for all data users. Enterprise data professionals need to accelerate the curation and sharing of trusted data across diverse stakeholders while cost-effectively meeting data management and compliance needs.

Allowing customers from nearly any industry to automatically collect, curate and share information assets among stakeholders, Lumada Data Services provides a holistic approach to data management from the edge-to core-to multicloud environments. 

Lumada Data Services allows users to:

Accelerate data discovery – anywhere, for everyone:
  • Design, operate and monitor data pipelines – for structured and unstructured data.
  • Automate repetitive data engineering tasks.
  • Enable self-service data flow execution for business users, from anywhere.
Automate data management, for cost and compliance:
  • Automate data collection and data curation.
  • Orchestrate data operations intelligently based on business policies.
  • Manage data operations - intelligently and metrics-driven.
Operate a single foundation for your data:
  • Deploy and operate a trusted, curated, cost-effective data foundation.
  • Manage structured and unstructured with one data fabric.
  • Operate a single “logical” data foundation across data center, clouds and edge.
Lumada Data Services are provided via packaged products to deliver fast return on investment, including Lumada Data Lake, and Lumada Data Optimizer (and also Pentaho 9.0, which is covered in a separate blog).

About Lumada Data Lake

Lumada Data Lake is laser-focused on reducing the cost and complexities of big data. Built on a cloud-native architecture, Lumada Data Lake is a “data lake, reinvented,” providing smart features like self-service management with low to no coding. Benefits of Lumada Data Lake include:  
  • Data placement is optimized automatically. You set the policy for your datasets – such as optimize for cost, or latency, or privacy or disaster recovery. Lumada Data Lake will automatically determine the best location – the cloud, or high-performance storage, or a remote DR site and place the dataset accordingly.
  • Auto-curated data zones helps avoid data swamps. You create the zones appropriate to your organization and set the policies governing each zone. Lumada Data Lake curates the data automatically as it is promoted from zone to zone. For example, you may determine that there are very little constraints on the raw zone. You might require that any data in the curated zone is deduplicated and cleansed, and that the published zone has all PII masked.
  • A fully integrated catalog not only provides full transparency into the data sets but decoupling between the datasets, their locations, the zones and policies.
  • A gentle cost curve. Lumada Data Lake decouples storage and compute with logical object storage, which means that the storage is native to where the data is located. So, if the data is in AWS it uses S3, if on Azure Blob Storage, if on Google, Google Cloud Storage, if on-premise the Hitachi Content Platform or even Hadoop.
  • A broad analytic ecosystem supported by the de-facto standard S3 APIs, with which any analytic tool can access the datasets in Lumada Data Lake.
  • Structured and unstructured data support. While Lumada Data lake supports structure data, it also manages unstructured data (such as video, audio, and image data) very well, due to its object store foundation.

About Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop

Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop is an automated data tiering solution that reduces Hadoop operating costs, provides fast and seamless access to data for real-time analytics with the industry-leading cloud object storage solution, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). With Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop, combined with HCP, you can independently scale storage and compute layers for greater flexibility and resource utilization. Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop analyzes Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) to optimally handle the placement of data within Hadoop. During this process, data is dynamically moved between HDFS and HCP while delivering fast and seamless access to your data at any time.

DataOps Drives Business Innovation

To address the increasingly complex environments impeding an enterprise’s ability to make full use of the high-value resource that is data, our comprehensive and proven portfolio and open ecosystem provides full DataOps capabilities with investment protection and lower cost of ownership.

Hitachi Vantara’s policy-based service orchestration also align to your cost, business and compliance goals. By enabling customers to orchestrate the ingestion, storage, discovery, preparation and delivery of governed data, businesses can drastically accelerate data-driven innovation throughout their organization.