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Can we really have it all? Is “the cloud” the only way?

By Lynn Collier posted 06-02-2023 11:38


Can we really have it all? Is “the cloud” the only way?


So often in the technology industry we are captivated by the allure of the shiny and new.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new stuff, but my feet are firmly planted in the reality of needing to deliver to the business on time, within budget and consistently – every day.


There are seemingly endless reasons to go all in with Cloud, but resisting the relentless pressure to “keep up with the trend” could pave the way to a golden future for the IT choices you make in supporting business needs and delivering for the business both today and for the foreseeable future.


Innovation is a critical factor for us all – in business, with technology and in our personal lives.  Maintaining a firm footing on which to sustain that innovation and forward momentum is the best choice we can make to harness the power of the new and yet capitalise on the very foundations we have in place today. It’s all about building blocks and consumption choices – modernising your way forward to a sustainable future; without risking it all (in terms of cost or compliance).


Take the real issues being faced today by customers weighing up how best to migrate their SAP ECC and SAP BW applications to the latest SAP HANA-based applications.  The reasons for making the move are many, but the motivation to change is surely rooted in optimising investment, improving efficiency and performance for the business and adapting to changing business requirements – for a better future.


Taking the infrastructure (and investment) you have today and modernizing it to meet your desired future operating model could be the most efficient, cost sensitive and sustainable way to have your cake and eat it, too! Cloudify what you have and only move to the shiny new cloud world those workloads which are truly suited and most cost effective to run there.


For everything else, operate and consume technology as if you were “in the cloud”. For those workloads which cannot be modernised, for the data which underpins your business – simply remove the inhibitors of past and modernize what you already have.  


At Hitachi Vantara, we work with an ecosystem of alliance partners to deliver such undertakings for our customers. Combining for instance our virtualisation capabilities at the storage and server level utilising our own VSP and SVOS technology platforms and with partners such as VMware. Working with RedHat and SAP to provide a highly efficient, transparently scalable platform for compute and storage, as well as offering a consistent experience for application development across hybrid cloud, on prem, public cloud or edge architectures.


Want to know more?  Take a look at our HV and RedHat (and SAP) partnership: Infrastructure modernization for SAP HANA- SAPinsider


So yes, I think you can have it all, and Hitachi Vantara with our ecosystem of partners, our focus on innovation and our desire to modernize your infrastructure will enable you to remain competitive in today’s landscape and offer a way to future-proof your choices for tomorrow.