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Meet Hitachi VSP E990 A key aspect of a Partnership to Help Propel the Growth of Your Business

By Marcus Maddox posted 07-09-2020 14:46


By Marcus Maddox | Hitachi Vantara Global Alliance Manager

With Mike Austin | Cisco Director of Business Development


If you’ve ever been to an amusement park as a kid, you probably remember the rides, the lights, the wonderment of it all. Imagination ignited. If you have been to the park as an adult, even better. Why? Because we have a deeper appreciation of behind the scenes, the carefully designed and orchestrated capabilities necessary to produce the magic that park-goers experience, to power any possibility.

The introduction of the Hitachi VSP E990 is poised to help your growth-minded organization do whatever you imagine. The VSP E990 makes enterprise-class features and benefits accessible to customers who are outgrowing existing IT infrastructure and wish to future-proof and scale for tomorrow.

And growth enterprises, like park-goers, want to be delighted with a better overall experience and faster, easier ways to push the limits of what’s possible.

How do we know? Hitachi is made up of almost 900 different companies in a wide range of industries. With 100-plus years of OT experience and 50 years of IT innovation we continue to drive passion and vision into everything we do for you and for us. Unlike other technology provides, Hitachi has experience in addressing the business needs in everything from healthcare to banking to heavy industrial equipment to energy production. That’s why 80% of global fortune 100 trust Hitachi – we are more like them than any other technology provider.

And, we are in good company.


Cisco shares our vision and passion for powering what’s possible for growth-oriented customers. For two decades, Cisco and Hitachi Vantara's proven leadership and joint innovations have accelerated enterprise IT initiatives. Our collaborative genius helps unlatch the full value of data for our customers — and futureproof the magic, if you will.

I am joined today by Mike Austin, Director of Business Development at Cisco to talk through how our partnership becomes the competitive advantage so many expanding enterprises are seeking.

CISCO: Thanks. For so many organizations, data is everything. And if it’s not, it begs the question of what’s being left on the table. Digital agility can transport our growth enterprises from a good base infrastructure all the way to a future-proofed, modernized data ecosystem.

And sometimes growth organizations face a dilemma of wanting best-in-class technologies that deliver the must-have KPIs or SLAs (like analytics, automation, availability, performance, reliability) but are not sure how to pull it all together to move the business forward due to budget constraints.

To keep with your theme park analogies, I believe that our partnership to design and deliver data-driven foundations is similar to ensuring a superb guest experience. Customers want the thrill of the ride without the anxiety of what could go wrong—the perfect segue to our Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions.

HITACHI VANTARA: Right. Our adaptive solutions, or reference architecture, remove DIY hassles and expedite the decision-to-consumption process for mission-critical apps or for that matter any workload. These vetted blueprints mean we’ve done all the homework, defined all the best practices, documented and ensured consistent quality. What customers experience is an assurance that present and future business needs will be met with seamless rapidity and robustness without trade-offs. We give customers a clear road-map for growth, investment protection for Cisco innovations and deliver better business outcomes.

CISCO: A great example is our adaptive solution for converged infrastructure (CI), designed for any workload at cloud scale, with a data-driven foothold to deliver results. The VSP E990 – the entire Hitachi VSP portfolio – neatly aligns and scales smart storage with Cisco UCS in the CI stack to support data hungry applications, demanding SLAs and operationally efficient business-critical workloads.

HITACHI VANTARA: The takeaway is that together we can unlock the ambitious business advantages customers want in a manner that gives them confidence to take the next step in their modernization journey.


HITACHI VANTARA: Blanketing your IT landscape with consummate and cohesive technology solutions means future-proofing data delivery and bringing business outcomes to fruition. When we think of helping our customers secure better experiences, operational efficiencies and new revenue streams, the theme park motif comes in handy.

Consumers do not want to wait for your service or product to be operational or available. At the theme park, the difference between a good experience and a bad one might be how long the customer waits in line for a ride. Imagine waiting an hour because some rider dropped his cellphone while trying to snap a selfie going 50 mph and staff had to stop the ride to look for the phone, manually check the tracks and get the ride up and running again.

CISCO: Great analogy. When we mention operational efficiencies, the hope is our customers will think of all the ways they want to capitalize on intelligence-based platforms. Using AI and machine learning to enrich the data path with things like system metadata tees up predictive analytics and self-healing and helps unlock fresh business insights from user data.

My example is how the ride downtime was minimized to 5 minutes from stop to fix, thanks to an automated checkpoint system that continually monitors the entire track and notifies the crew in real time when and where an anomaly occurs.

HITACHI VANTARA:: What about growth-oriented companies who are thinking about how to monetize a new service that could juice revenue streams? Consumers want stress-free transactions and no business wants the V-8 tomato juice clunk to the forehead over a missed opportunity to for a positive customer service experience. When the right data insights and tools are in place, enterprises can rapidly innovate and uncover new business models or revenue.

CISCO: Okay, so, in our theme park scenario, imagine having an app on your phone that tells you about the rides and attractions that are close to you with the shortest lines.

HITACHI VANTARA: Well done. For our readers and growth-focused customers, thanks for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed learning how Hitachi Vantara and Cisco are conscientiously widening the path to your growth and profitability.

Be sure to check out this quick-read CI datasheet . If our readers would like more information on the Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions click here .