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Data Is Changing IT – Here’s How To Be Ready

By Nicholas Winkworth posted 08-19-2019 17:38


Only a few short years ago humans believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun – and everything else “up there” - revolved around us. But we gathered data and soon learned that our relationship with the heavens is a lot more complex.

So it is for the data center. The days of the expensive monolithic glass house that centrally held all the answers for the business have all but disappeared.

Every business today is becoming a digital business and relies on analysis of data from many sources, both inside and outside the organization, to decide what to make, who to sell it to and how to deliver it.

This move to data-centricity means that the form, format and function of IT infrastructure is changing rapidly and irrevocably, and the IT infrastructure you currently have may not be what you need going forward.

Let’s Look at some of the new requirements that IT now faces:

   A New Role:   
IT’s traditional focus has always been to ensure the availability and security of data, but now the emphasis has shifted to delivering outcomes that matter to the line-of-business leaders. Those outcomes could be lower costs and streamlined operations through analyzing internal systems data, new revenue streams uncovered by blending diverse data from inside and outside the company, or simply the ability to react at the speed of business.

  Data Everywhere:  
Data is no longer confined to the datacenter. It’s also in the cloud (or clouds). It’s in the factory, in remote offices and in connected devices. Sometimes it may be more economic to process data where it is – at other times new insights may be found by moving it and combining it with other data.

  All Kinds of Data:  
It’s not just the location but the volume, variety and velocity of data which provides new challenges for IT. Legacy hardware is neither efficient enough nor simple enough to manage to support the demands of line-of-business stakeholders looking to achieve critical goals.

  Always On:
Digital customers and clients expect services to be available 24/7. Downtime is unthinkable, and every risk must be eliminated or mitigated. Partnership and trust between customer and supplier is key to success.

  Ready to Change:
Today’s business climate is moving faster than ever. Successful applications may need to grow rapidly, while others may need to change on a dime to meet new needs.

  DataOps Ready:
Managing, protecting, moving and analyzing data is now a business critical discipline for IT, and your infrastructure must be ready to support it.

It is well known that converged infrastructure offers many benefits such as predictability, fast deployment and consolidation of resources – but many of the systems in use today were deployed before the current move to data-centricity and were not designed to meet these requirements.

A New Converged Infrastructure:

IT professionals looking for the right CI solution to build a future-proofed, data-driven infrastructure for modern workloads and improved business outcomes are fortunate that two industry leaders—Cisco and Hitachi Vantara—have collaborated to develop and market a line of CI solutions.

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Cisco and Hitachi Vantara’s Adaptive Solutions for CI leverages the long-standing industry leadership and technology strengths of the two companies in an easily deployed, flexible and cost-efficient architecture.

Any of Hitachi Vantara’s range of Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) arrays may be configured, along with servers and networking from Cisco, backed by a powerful portfolio of software from Hitachi, VMware, Cisco and others.

As the nature of data has shifted from tactical to strategic, it has forced organizations to rethink the role and characteristics of infrastructure to deliver data that shape outcomes that matter.

This swing toward a data-driven infrastructure has resulted in a modern, right-sized and highly flexible infrastructure design that is optimized for data-centric workloads. By making infrastructure simpler to deploy, more agile, more cost efficient and easier to manage, Hitachi Vantara and Cisco have provided organizations with a gateway to strategic, differentiated use of data.

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