Almost 1200 sessions at VMworld 2020 but we have 2+1 for your list

By Paul Morrissey posted 09-02-2020 23:50

I wanted to provide a brief preview of Hitachi Vantara participation  in this years VMworld 2020 virtual event and recommend 2 of our sessions plus an interesting session before VMworld. 

VMworld 2020 is currently listing 400 live sessions and almost 600 on-demand sessions that will available starting Sept 29th Hitachi will have two sponsored breakout presentations in main session area plus Interactive demo area showcasing innovative scalable multi-cloud and data center modernization solutions around containers, hyperconverged, and storage technologies at the virtual booth that you will want to check out.

Specific to the breakout presentations, you can preview, schedule and/or favorite the following Hitachi sessions so you don’t forget them. Click  here for VMworld content catalog.  Reminder, there are two tabs, live and on-demand on top which eluded me the first time I looked 😊
 Quick introduction for those 2 sessions:-

Optimize IT Services Across Core, Cloud, and Edge with VMware & Hitachi [HCI3166S]
Ravi  and Srini will have a live session taking you through a journey of our customers overcoming challenges and successfully employing a variety of Hitachi-VMware technologies to handle areas like infrastructure lifecycle management and automation to provide consistent reliable infrastructure services across VMs and containers from IoT edge to core

How the Pro’s do it – VMware Cloud Foundation and external SAN storage [HCI3163S]
Colin and myself will have on-demand session covering what, why and how and what’s new with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) based solutions being deployed with external SAN storage to augment vSAN as part next-gen architecture based on our customer experiences. Plus of course a sprinkling of insight with Kubernetes and vVols persistent storage

We are also involved in VMware Hands-on-lab and attendees will be able to get educated on some of our current Hitachi-VMware integrated capabilities. Here's a preview of one those related to vVols

ImageOne more thing, Sep 23: You’ve probably heard the rumors about how Hitachi is successfully helping medium and large enterprise customers delivering flexible cloud infrastructure for edge-core-cloud with performance and capacity efficiency plus infrastructure stack lifecycle management software to meet both business and operational requirements. Hitachi Vantara has decided to expand awareness beyond our core customers and share more on how its managing to meet the outcomes by deploying its UCP portfolio of vSAN powered solutions with optional extensions to encapsulate VSP storage investments to meet a variety of outcomes. Join this webinar on Sep 23, as a pre-cursor to VMworld,  with Lee Caswell. VP Cloud Platform BU - VMware and Colin Gallagher, VP of Digital infrastructure -  Hitachi  to get that inside insight. Register your spot here  

Again, looking forwarding to connecting virtually at VMworld and ensure you register for those sessions above for some insightful takeaways. Also, remember to  visit the Hitachi Vantara dedicated sponsor page (through Exhibitor Catalog) during the event to view custom content and chat live with myself and our virtualization and cloud experts from around the world to help navigate your cloud, storage and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) journeys.

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