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Seeing what is Next with Red Hat and Hitachi

By Ravi Srinivasan posted 11-16-2020 19:22

Businesses are increasing under pressure to deal with high end-user demands and market-competition. IT needs to continue to engage and partner with Business Application Services to transform by being agile, modernizing the processes and tools. To meet the increasing needs of the market, Business Application development increasing leverage open source and shared cloud services. This helps the Application team to stay focused on the business problems. However, IT needs is expected to provide assurance and quality of services with incurred risks on the Core, Cloud or Edge.

For Application Services, Cloud Native on Container platform provides agility and speed. From development, to build, to test, and then to deployment, containers with CI/CD pipeline automation streamline these operations.

For IT, one of the key element for successful deployment of a container platform is having a robust and flexible infrastructure that can meet the wide variety of requirements in a highly dynamic environment.

Hitachi Vantara with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) provides highly available and high-performance infrastructures for container applications addressing Data Persistence, Computing Platform, Network Connectivity and seamless Infrastructure Management and Automation.

Learn more about the Red Hat OpenShift on Hitachi Infrastructure:
Contributor: Henry Chu, Ravi Srinivasan




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