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How do I configure Nasuni for HCP?

By Roguen Keller posted 08-22-2019 10:49


Nasuni integrates with HCP via the S3 API, here are quick steps to get Nasuni set up to integrate with HCP.

For instructions to set up HCP for Nasuni, please refer to the document How do I configure Hitachi Content Platform for Nasuni?

Configuring Hitachi Content Platform credentials on a Nasuni Edge Appliance

Note: If using the Nasuni Management Console to manage the Nasuni Edge Appliance see Configuring Hitachi Content Platform credentials on Nasuni Management Console.


To configure HCP credentials:

  1. On the Nasuni Edge Appliance, click Configuration, then select Cloud Credentials from the menu. The User Provided Cloud Credentials page displays a list of cloud credentials.

    The following information appears for each set of credentials in the list:

    • Name: The name of the set of credentials.
    • Provider: The cloud provider.
    • Used By: The volume(s) that use the cloud credentials.
    • Notes: Information provided by the user about the connection with the cloud provider.
    • Actions: Actions available for each set of credentials.
  2. To add new credentials, click Add New Credentials and select the Hitachi Content Platform. Alternatively, to edit existing credentials, click Edit for the credentials to edit.
  3. Enter the credentials for Hitachi Content Platform, including the following:
    • Name: A name for this set of credentials, which is used for display purposes.
    • Access Key: The Hitachi Content Platform Access Key for this set of credentials.
    • Secret: The Hitachi Content Platform Secret for this set of credentials.
    • Hostname: The hostname for the location of the cloud service provider.
    • Verify SSL Certificates: Use the default On setting.
    • Notes: Optional information to save.
    • Tip: Be careful changing existing credentials. The connection between the Nasuni Edge Appliance and the bucket could become invalid, causing loss of data access. Credential editing is to update access after changes to the Access Key or the Secret on the Hitachi Content Platform.
  4. Click Save Credentials


At this point, you can begin adding volumes to the Nasuni Edge Appliance. Volume creation, volume connection and credentials verification can each take up to 2 minutes.


Adding a volume to a Nasuni Edge Appliance

To add a new volume, follow these steps:

  1. Click Volumes, then click Add New Volume. The Add New Volume page appears.
    • Note: If this Nasuni Edge Appliance is under Nasuni Management Console control, this page is not available on the Nasuni Edge Appliance. Instead, use the Nasuni Management Console to view information or perform actions.
  2. Enter a human-readable name for the volume in the Name text box, for example, “New York Office”. The name you enter is automatically applied as the encryption key name in the Keyname text box.
  3. Select a Cloud Provider from the drop-down list. In this case, select Hitachi Content Platform. Any available credentials appear.
  4. Select the Credentials from the drop-down list.
  5. Continue with the rest of the Add New Volume page.