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How do I configure Hitachi Content Platform for Nasuni?

By Benjamin Clifford posted 03-17-2022 17:29


Nasuni integrates with HCP via the S3 API, here are quick steps to get HCP set up to integrate with Nasuni. For instructions to set up Nasuni for HCP, please refer to the document How do I configure Nasuni for HCP?

System Administrator Configuration

  1. Log into the System Management Console (SMC).
  2. On the SMC => Tenants page Create a new tenant for Nasuni. Give the tenant enough Hard Quota and Namespace Quota for all the Nasuni filers you expect. Nasuni will create one namespace per volume.
  3. On the SMC => Configuration => Protocol Optimization page, set the default to "Default new namespaces to optimize for cloud protocols only." Click Update Settings.

Tenant Administrator Configuration

  1. Log into the Tenant Management Console (TMC) for the Nasuni tenant.
  2. On the TMC => Security => MAPI page check the "Enable management through APIs" checkbox. Click Update Settings.
  3. On the TMC => Configuration => Namespace Defaults page, set your Hard Quota to the amount of quota you want to allocate to each Nasuni Filer. This is simply the default when the filer's namespace is created and can be increased or decreased on the individual namespaces at any time. Click Update Settings.
  4. On the TMC => Security => Users page create a new data access user account for your Nasuni filers. If you wish you can create a user account per filer but that is not necessary. Do not give the user any Administrative roles. Check the box for "Allow namespace management", this allows the user to create new namespaces. Click Create User Account.
  5. From the "Successfully created user" message copy the "Authorization token" which in this case is: bmFzdW5p:ca017724dae8cfcdc2d97fa28671db61. The part before the colon is your S3 Access Key ID, the part after the colon is your S3 Secret Access Key: pastedimage_8
    • S3 Access Key ID: bmFzdW5p
    • S3 Secret Access Key: ca017724dae8cfcdc2d97fa28671db61
  6. Finally, while in the TMC, look in the address bar of your browser. In this case, the address is
    Strip the protocol (https://) and everything after the port number (:8000/...) and you are left with your S3 Endpoint: pastedimage_5
  7. Take the S3 Access Key ID, S3 Secret Access Key, and the S3 Endpoint, and configure your Nasuni Filer according to the Nasuni instructions for configuring HCP.



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