UCP BM Q3CY20 - Betelgeuse Project - What is New

By Sreeram Vankadari posted 10-05-2020 17:37

UCP BM completed its 2nd release in Q3CY20.  Here are the highlights of the release

  • Customer can pick a configuration of 8x 10G ethernet ports (besides the existing 2 or 4 ethernet ports) for each UCP compute node.  This addresses the  some of the customer use case as described below (Physical card redundancy along with dedicated port for each connection).  Build Guide and other docs are updated to deliver this kind of pre-configured nodes on UCP rack.

UCP BM CPQ has been updated for this configuration and for other changes of this release

  • Introduction of a new 10G quad port ethernet card (Intel 710-DA4) for DSXXX nodes

  1.    This card enables higher port density, which is highly desirable where the number of PCIe slots are limited (e.g. DS120).  
  2. This card is also used in the above 8x 10G ethernet configuration.  UCP BM Interop Matrix has more details.

  • UCP BM ships with new Cisco Nexus switches on every order going forward.  Some of the earlier cisco nexus switches (for IP networking)  hit EOS and this transition is very much required and is complete.
Cisco switch RoleNew Model Num Old Model Num
Management switch923483048
Spine switch9332C93180LC-EX
Leaf Switch93180YC-FX93180YC-EX
  • Secure boot on RHEL and ESXi Operating systems 
  • UCP BM Interop Matrix has been expanded to address more OS/DSxxx combinations for various PCIe/OCP Mezz cards.  Extensive support for Windows 2016 and ESXi 7.0 has been added to the UCP BM IM
  • Integration with Jamaica storage - E990

The following documents are updated for above functionality
This is a great collaboration effort across many teams including but not limited to Engineering, support, CPG, DOC, GSS, Deployment Center, Release Operations, Technical Publication, GTC, Sales, Marketing, HiFire, Project Management and Product Management teams

As we wind down the Betelgeuse release, stay tuned for update on next one, “Cassiopeia” release for UCP BM 

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