Lumada Edge Intelligence Brings DataOps To The Edge

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Lumada Edge Intelligence Brings DataOps To The Edge

Turns Legacy OT Systems Into Intelligent Assets That Manage Your Industrial and Commercial Operation

By Steve Garbrecht

As part of today’s Lumada expansion news , we’re excited to introduce the new Lumada Edge Intelligence, powering actionable, real-time insights at your most critical operating sites and enabling local enterprise-class operations data management.

As companies continue to digitally transform operations, edge computing capabilities are progressively critical in reducing the time to value for local data operations solutions. The whole promise of the internet of things (IoT) means capturing and using data that is coming in at a subsecond or faster resolution and analyzing it for use in near real time – data loss and lack of availability is not tolerated.

In order to address this challenge, organizations need to empower their critical industrial and commercial locations and manage data and analytics at the root of operation, where it is created and where it can deliver immediate value. This affords the ability to run and manage containerized applications at the edge and provides a platform to more easily integrate, store and create analytics that use a combination of operational technology time-series data and advanced sensor data, like video, audio and lidar.

With the new Lumada Edge Intelligence software, customers can expect to:
  • Reduce reaction times to critical events in industrial operations with real-time insights, analytics and machine learning.
  • Future-proof IoT deployments with a standards-based, open and flexible application and solution environment to drive business differentiation and agility
  • Cost-optimize and reduce the risk in local operations data management while supporting corporate-wide intelligent data operations

About Lumada Edge Intelligence
Lumada Edge Intelligence powers actionable, real-time insights to help critical operations be more predictable and manageable. It provides the capabilities for local data operations, machine learning, streaming analytics and standalone IoT application solutions. When paired with the powerful new Lumada Data Services, customers can develop a comprehensive DataOps strategy that manages assets holistically from the edge to core to multicloud.

Customers can choose from preconfigured hardware and software combinations for data integration, device management, application management, data movement, alerting, analytics and AI at the edge in order to quickly respond to critical events and process upsets to save money and optimize operations. Edge Intelligence also improves intelligent data operations by integrating with your enterprise processes, and overcomes network connectivity and data storage challenges.

“Lumada Edge Intelligence demonstrates the dedication that Hitachi has to expanding their breath of capabilities in data management to local and site level operations data to enable outcome focused solutions for their customers,” said Vernon Turner, Principal & Chief Strategist, Causeway Connections.

“Data is the new currency for industrial enterprise value creation and competitive advantage, and unlocking the full value of data requires increasingly robust interoperability, security, and connectivity,” said Christine Boles, VP, Internet of Things Group and GM of the Industrial Solutions Division at Intel.  “Hitachi’s Lumada Edge Intelligence combined with Intel’s breadth of platforms delivers solutions for industrial AI and edge compute needs.”

Lumada Edge Intelligence Spans Industries
It’s critical to deliver fast acting and local analytic insights to the right decision point more efficiently in order to empower your local operations staff to optimize maintenance, improve throughput, rationalize schedules, reduce waste, streamline operations and discover new opportunities. For example, please explore these industry case studies in which Lumada Edge Intelligence has had dramatic impact:

Manufacturing: This organization was experiencing frequent equipment downtime caused by machine failures. In order to remedy the issue, this plant-floor solution deployed sensors, PLCs and video cameras paired with Lumada Edge Intelligence to gather information needed for efficient monitoring. As a result, a deeper visibility enabled early detection of machine failures, efficient material movement and improved worker productivity.

Transportation: A global railroad company in Europe was unable to handle petabytes of data daily from various sources for maintenance. Deploying an improved IoT platform with Lumada Edge Intelligence aggregated, processed and analyzed data, enabling the planning of condition-based asset maintenance. Following the deployment, annual cost savings reached more than $25 million, along with improved service delivery and greater reliability.

Smart Cities: To transform its maintenance services and operations as well as rider safety and the overall customer experience, this smart spaces organization wanted to employ a predictive maintenance solution to deliver a new generation of transport control and asset management. Edge Intelligence, Lumada Video Insights and Pentaho Internet of Things Analytics with Hitachi hardware were deployed to provide a real-time solution with edge processing. As a result, the organizations gained simple, easy-to-use management, reporting and analytics integrated into the core IT enterprise architecture.

While edge technologies from Hitachi Vantara are nothing new, Lumada Edge Intelligence is the latest, completely new, software release by the company tailored specifically for industrial and commercial operations. Built on years of successful deployments of Lumada Platform Services, the latest Lumada Edge Intelligence is now available – packaged or as a stand-alone offering – to power any business operations commercial or industrial use case.

Hitachi Vantara’s edge solutions can securely integrate all your operational data sources, such as sensor data, video, audio and documents. They also provide a local storage environment, real-time analytics and dashboards that provide the information you need to optimize local decision making.

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