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HCP for Cloud Scale Lab

By Steven Looby posted 10-14-2019 17:42


This lab is hosted in Hitachi Automated Labs Online (HALO). It includes two servers containing a minimal CentOS-7 installation. You will validate the environment, execute a series of pre-configuration steps, install HCP for Cloud Scale (HCPCS) software on master and worker nodes, and perform numerous software administration tasks. Upon completion, you will be competent to discuss and plan server configuration topics relevant to hosting and Installing HCPCS software.


Download the Lab Guide to get started.


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Learning Goal

  • Learning Goal

    I’d like to install a Cloud-Scale master node

    I’d like to Experience the Cloud-Scale Admin interface

    I’d like to understand a bit about hosting requirements

    I’d like to understand best practice host configuration

    I’d like to install a Cloud-Scale worker node.

    I’d like to add an LDAP identity manager

    I’d like to attach an application to Cloud-Scale

    I’d like to deinstall Cloud-scale Software

    I’d like to download logs

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