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Ongoing Success: Hitachi Vantara Named “Leader” in IDC's MarketScape for Object-Based Storage for 4th Consecutive Time

By Timir Desai posted 01-07-2020 20:06


Pursuing a digital transformation strategy requires a proven storage solution offering flexibility, massive scale, high performance, metadata-based intelligence and powerful data management capabilities.

Hitachi Content Platform delivers these capabilities and more.  Indeed, for the fourth time, consecutively, Hitachi Vantara has been named a “Leader” in IDC’s MarketScape for Object-Based Storage.

Hitachi Vantara Rating Was Based on IDC's Assessment of our Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

IDC analysts evaluated 13 products from the world’s best-known object storage vendors, measuring them based on their ability to deliver a solution with the capabilities, services and innovation strategy to address market needs today and in the future. IDC cited the following as being very important considerations with respect to creating differentiation within the landscape of products:

  • All-flash array OBS solutions to address capacity needs and performance requirements for environments like Big Data and analytics, rich media, and technical computing
  • Metadata based data management capabilities enabling data visibility and management controls across on-premises and cloud deployments using a single pane of glass.
  • Hybrid cloud support with policy-based data placement on- or off-premises
  • Support for newer workloads via a dense, performant alternative for newer high-growth (in terms of revenue and capacity) workloads such as unstructured data analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)/DL.
  • Cost-efficiency

Based on careful consideration of Hitachi Content Platform’s features, capabilities and strategy, IDC rated Hitachi Vantara as a distinct "Leader".  Furthermore, HCP was depicted with among the largest bubbles in the chart in this year's report, reflecting its significant market share.

In the report, IDC acknowledged our 14+ years of experience in the object storage market and our commitment to HCP and to evolving the portfolio to meet contemporary requirements.  They also stated that HCP’s strength is based on how the “portfolio offers the company’s customers flexibility to pick and choose offerings that best meet the requirements of the organization in a scalable, customizable, and comprehensive manner.”  IDC further noted that “together, the HCP appliance and HCP for Cloud Scale will target multiple traditional and next-generation workloads such as IoT, media management, AI and machine learning as well as content repositories.”  With respect to ongoing product investment and development, IDC also highlighted recent flash-enabled HCP G node and S node releases as well as upcoming HCP for Cloud Scale innovations.

We are extremely proud that the critical requirements associated with leadership products in the MarketScape report tightly align with the capabilities and development priorities of the award-winning and industry-leading HCP - and by extension, the suite of HCP portfolio products. Furthermore, HCP maintains the largest installed base of any actively sold object storage product, with over 2,500 customers from across the world covering all major industry vertical markets.


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