TSN ANZ CMT Configuration Guide

By Yoon Hong Chai posted 02-19-2020 06:58


APAC TSN Case Handling General Instruction

·         Opportunity setup issues for T1 (Reseller not populated) - Update ‘Acting as’ Tier 1

·         For ALL INDIRECT DEAL, Backline Support (BLF) - Please check APAC Services ASP Masterlist

·         Check Install at Country and Pricebook populated corrected in Opp and Quote  (SFDC and CPQ)

·         Must include Installation Option for all products – Except BLF

ANZ CMT TSN Cases Handling Guidelines

·         All New Modular Storage default to Rail Kits. Racks should only be included if specifically requested.

·         Single Phase Power unless specifically requested for Three Phase.

·         Use Australia Power Cords/kits for Brocade Directors & Cisco switches.


ANZ TSN Cases EXCEPTION (Local CMT Strategist to handle):-

·         Any request with partner/Reseller Surebridge Pty Ltd will require Service Acceptance Fee for Storage upgrades which cannot be done directly to the quote due to system limitation.

·         All MSS requests will need Quote type set as Capacity/Stor on Demand/Buffer and matched with Opportunity type. Primarily MSS requests will come from David Johnson. When solving, we need to copy Ubaldo Adorna in the loop. David will deal with Local CMT Strategist

·         Quoting 3rd Party Products : Commvault, Veritas, Quantum, Hyperscale, ADVA

·         All VMWare license request requires special handling

·         Requests from Sales Ops Analysts Rebecca Constantinou, Lumel Dsouza & Sowjanya Singh

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