TSN ASEAN CMT Configuration Guide

By Yoon Hong Chai posted 02-19-2020 06:59


APAC TSN Case Handling General Instruction

·         Opportunity setup issues for T1 (Reseller not populated) - Update ‘Acting as’ Tier 1

·         For ALL INDIRECT DEAL, Backline Support (BLF) - Please check APAC Services ASP Masterlist

·         Check Install at Country and Pricebook populated corrected in Opp and Quote  (SFDC and CPQ)

·         Must include Installation Option for all products – Except BLF

ASEAN CMT TSN Cases Handling Guidelines

·         Blanket approval for non-co term upgrade is in place for account TNB, OCBC, and Singapore government agency if requested

·         All Emerging Countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia)  -> use BLF Excluding Spare [Indonesia -> use BLF with Spares, check with request SBD or NBD]

·         Direct Support for all Malaysia and Singapore (unless specify otherwise)


ASEAN TSN Cases EXCEPTION (Local CMT Strategist to handle):-

·         Loan and Loan to Sales Quote request

·         Change of support term (ie: Direct -> BLF or vice versa in Singapore, Malaysia)

·         Quoting EOL products

·         Change of pricebook request (eg: USD -> SGD)