TSN India CMT Configuration Guide v2

By Yoon Hong Chai posted 02-19-2020 07:08



APAC TSN Case Handling General Instruction

·         Opportunity setup issues for T1 (Reseller not populated) - Update ‘Acting as’ Tier 1

·         For ALL INDIRECT DEAL, Backline Support (BLF) - Please check APAC Services ASP Masterlist

·         Check Install at Country and Pricebook populated corrected in Opp and Quote  (SFDC and CPQ)

·         Must include Installation Option for all products – Except BLF

India CMT TSN Cases Handling Guidelines

Specific Agreements have been made with India CMT.

·         For Install Country=SriLanka – Always use ‘BLF Exclude Spare’ Option

·         All Brocade/Cisco Switch select ‘Exhaust Airflow’ option

·         All requests must include ONE additional Professional Services quote (SVC Consolidation and Virtualization Custom) in the same opportunity

·         Rack requirement: Modular – no rack, Enterprise – with rack

·         Brocade and Cisco switch billing in INR required to add duty/levy lines in the quote  - "Non Creditable Duties & Levies "


India TSN Cases EXCEPTION (Local CMT Strategist to handle):-

·         Request with old pricebook/currency conversion- please create/clone Opportunity on behalf of requester

·         Specific accounts need to be Bill in USD – Infosys, Cognizant, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Adobe, TCS, Reddington PTE Ltd (need to update manually in SFDC Pricebook)

All Request from UDAI (End User/Customer) need to be configured with 42 months maintenance (even when requesters stated otherwise)


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