Cherry Blossom Festival (Inactive)

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Starts: 08-04-2022


This limited edition badge challenge is now closed.

Hanami, which means “viewing flowers” in Japanese, is an annual tradition also known as cherry blossom festivals. People connect under blooming sakura (cherry blossoms) for food, drink, songs, and companionship. This custom of gathering together to welcome spring is also symbolic of the temporal nature of beauty. The cherry blossoms are fleeting, often lasting no more than two weeks.

To honor this tradition, now through May 25th we welcome you to refer a friend to join our community – a virtual gathering space. Both you and your friend will qualify for the Cherry Blossom Festival badge once they have logged in for the first time. After their first login, return to claim 1000 points and this limited edition badge.

Don’t forget, Limited Edition badges are only available for a short time and then they’re gone! Be sure to complete and claim your badge before May 25th and check back often for new challenges.

Remaining Badges Available:

9999 (9999 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




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