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Today’s applications require various storage performance levels like IOPS, bandwidth, and latency, all vital storage performance metrics. As we all know, data is raining down on enterprise systems like a storm, flooding the capacity and challenging the IT infrastructure to distribute the data to the application. While optimized resource utilization ensures faster access to more and more data, ideally at a lower cost, unutilized resources mean incurring costs to IT infrastructure. While all-flash arrays (AFAs) are optimized for performance, they must also provide the cloud’s scale as well as the simplicity and shareability of network-attached storage (NAS). ...
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Deep learning is hot today and complex GPU cluster server solutions are spring up left and right. Everybody is offering deep learning clusters with tons of software added onto their environment and selling high end complex storage options.  They are offering you a mini Nvidia Saturn V supper computer. You need to ask yourself is this what I need, and can I make use it. Do you have tens or hundreds of data scientist? Do you need hundreds of nodes? Are you using tens of terabytes of data deep learning data? Are you trying to build a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster? Do you really need racks of GPU servers with each rack having its own storage subsystem? ...