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 Practical/Actual limitations for HCI Solr.TextField indexing.

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Clifford Grimm posted 02-01-2022 07:34
Looking to do full text indexing of documents and wondering if there is any experience/knowledge about any upper limits of performing "Full Text Search" of documents utilizing HCI and the Solr.TextField.   Certainly, understand there is quite a bit of "depends" based on HCI sizing w.r.t. memory/index/etc.  But what I'm actually interested in is if the resources were "infinite", is there some kind of limits that HCI and/or Solr implies.

For example, I do realize that a single "value" for Solr has to be less than 32K, but since tokenization is performed creating a multi-valued field and this is fed into Solr, is there limitations on the number of items in a HCi multi-valued field?  Is there limits on the number of values that can be fed to Solr for indexing? 

Although, any information on sizing or specialized Solr configuration for very robust full text search that anyone has would be highly appreciated.  Also any experiences in terms of size that has been realized in the field or with your own testing is also great.