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 How to report on the total number of user files on a HNAS

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Gary Matthews posted 07-15-2021 14:10

would there be any effect on creating a v-vol at the root of a fileshare ?


We’re running a project to classify all the data on the HNAS within OSCA at the moment, and looking at the number of files. We’ve used treesize from the front end and come up with a number , and index Engines and came up with another. The trouble is there’s shares within shares, duplicates etc that are clouding it.


Now I know when we create our quota report , it includes the number of files within the existing v-vols . But not all data is held within v-vols, so I was thinking of creating a v-vol at the high level of every filesystem , with no quota and getting the number of files in total that way , but wanted to check it wouldn’t have any adverse effect for any shares/v-vols already on that filesystem . Unless you know a better way of getting the total number of files?



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Hello Gary, 

Apologies for being so late to respond, but as you have probably figured out, there is no real way to solve this dilemma. We do not support adding a ViVol at the root level.

We have a CLI utility that one can use to determine, but it is a long running process and is used for a different purpose(mostly to see if using a Tiered Filesystem would benefit). This is not something one would use on a recurring basis.