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 Load Balancer and S10 Virtuals IPs

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Vinish Ravindran's profile image
Vinish Ravindran posted 09-06-2019 16:31

Is there any advantage on putting the S10 behind a load balancer before adding to HCP as storage component, to load balance the workload to a S10 node efficiently or a Simple primary zone with s10 virtual IPs does it works better than Load balancer? please advise 


Would the below config make sense using LB? or its just complicating things?


S10 domain Name-

S10 virtual IPs -


Load Balancer VIP

Load Balancer IP Pool 


DNS Entry

* IN A


And then we add the S10 component to HCP cluster using the S10 domain name pointing to a LB VIP

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Joshua Eddy

The HCP general nodes (e.g. G10) already distribute objects across HCP S-Series nodes, so adding a load balancer would complicate things unnecessarily.


Do not put a load balancer between HCP general nodes and the HCP S-Series nodes. That is not a tested configuration. It would not be supported.