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 what is the command to add pair added device to a group in CCI? I have a group with 1 device on either side and have added 2 more device to the group. what command would be run to pair them??

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Sean Phillips posted 10-21-2020 16:58
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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello Sean


I would really suggest you check out our new Software Management Suite called Ops Center, in perticular the Protector(Formerly HDID) Product.


It really helps with this task and the ease of management. I'll try and make a video of it, to show how easy it is to reuse policies in Protector.


The big differentiator is your Nodes turn into Consistency groups. So if you want to add into the same Consistency Group, add the ldev ID to the node. If you want to create seprate Consistency Groups, Create a Node Group and add the different Nodes into it, to create different Consistency Groups.


If you'd like to see it in action feel free to book a demo at the CoE(Center of Excellence)

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Pieter De Pelsemaeker

You have to add the to the cci file and then something like this:

C:\HORCM\etc\paircreate.exe -g $copygroupname -d $Name -f never -vl -jq 0 -IH$Instance