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 Can you change the HCP DM transmission port from 80 to 9000(customer proxy server)?

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Myoung han Yun posted 01-25-2022 03:26

hi. everyone. 

My customer who recently purchased HCP, is planning to transfer and store numerous objects to HCP using HCP DM.

In the process of preparing for the task, I looked at the configuration of the HCP DM program and the contents of '', and it seems that HCP DM is supposed to be sent only to 80 ports using the HTTP protocol.

However, my customer's Proxy server operating and security policy prohibit me from storing large amounts of data in 80 ports, so we can use HCP DM only when we change it to a custom port.

As in the picture, can I change the HCP DM transmission port from 80(default) to 9000(customer defined proxy server)?

If you know how, please reply.