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 What is the correct way to restart HiCommandSuite DeviceManager on a Windows host?

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Victor Engle posted 01-07-2020 13:49

I've looked through the docs and can't seem to find a procedure for restart. I can't just reboot the host. There are several services listed in Windows Services app and I'm assuming there is a correct order to stop/start these services or maybe a Hitachi tool for stop/start.

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Roberto Seldner

The HCS Administration Guide has a section for Starting and Stopping services. You can stop and start the services via the "Stop - HCS" and "Start - HCS" shortcuts that are automatically created on the start menu during the installation, or via the following commands:

[HCS Installation Directory]\Base64\bin\hcmds64srv /stop[HCS Installation Directory]\Base64\bin\hcmds64srv /start

There isn't a single "restart" command; though you could easily throw the commands above into a batch file.


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Victor Engle

Thanks Roberto!