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 Hello,We are working to migrate data from VSP (old) to a VSP G700 using Nondisruptive Migration by CLI (Because is not supported under HCS). Could someone suggest formal or informal documentation to perform this migtration?Thanks in advance.

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Javier Castro posted 09-28-2020 14:57
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Hello Javier


Below you can find the interoperability matrix on NDM:


The current NDM support matrix is here:,%20G1x00,%20F1500,%20E990,%20Gxx0,%20Fxx0,%20VSP%20HUS%20VM%20NonDisruptive%20Migration(NDM)_support_matrix_042120.pdf


I would suggest Hitachi Ops Center Suite. Using either Protector doing it manually or leaveraging our NDM automations in Automator to assist with the migration.

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Brent Lund

I assume you know that you can do a single reboot migration by externalizing the old volume? I realize it's not what you are asking for, however assuming the application can take an outage the duration of a reboot it is an EZ migration. The actual migration of the data and final cutover is seamless to the host.