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 Automatic analysis of what is happening during sporting events

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Heather Bauman posted 08-11-2020 14:15

Hello. A lot of sports events take place on our website every day, and at the moment we are introducing users to the delay, since we have to get data from somewhere about certain events during the game. I decided that I would look for a solution to automate the calculation of these events during the match, and I came across your community, or rather this article:


Do I understand correctly that your solution can help me so that the computer, for example, understands from the video of a football match that a free kick is happening now, which is beaten by footballer No. 11, and miss

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Hello Heather


Best would be to contact a sales representative that will have look at

your intended use case. It will probably make use of various technologies and

consultants like we have done successfully with many of the major businesses in

the field.

At Hitachi we have a wide range of products and services available and I

am sure the local team will be able to help you best, understanding your use

case and the outcomes you would like to achieve.

If you would like you can privately message me your contact details and I

can pass it along to a local sales representative or partner.


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Hello Heather

I think the depends on the format of the data, the data pipelines, the services, and the hardware/services that is implemented and what would need to be implemented.

I know we also do a lot of this with Disney Parks, which you can read more about here:

But I do recommend you reach out to our sales/pre-sales or technical teams. They can even help you with a demonstration of our tools which might give you the answers you are looking for.