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 Hi,Our customer wants a stretched cluster between 2 HNAS 5200 with the storage in GAD configuration (about 5 km away). Question: Does HDRS support this configuration yet? And if it doesn't, would it still be possible to implement (and be supported)?

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Sergio Vilela posted 09-15-2021 16:43
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It's on the roadmap to support a 2 node HDRS cluster, I'll ask for some specifics around when that will be. But right now this type of configuration is only supported with a 4 node cluster. You can also setup normal GAD just from a resilliancy perspective.

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It seems like the plan is for HDRS 5.2 seems to support this.

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We are in the process of releasing 2 node support using HDRS within the next few weeks - planning by end of Nov '21. Please keep tabs with your local account team.
HDRS with 4-node GEfN support was GA'd two weeks ago; documentation is available on SupportConnect.

As an aside, this is a services/partner delivery solution.