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Alfonso Nunez posted 02-22-2021 18:57

Hello and good day, I have a question that is driving me crazy,

We have a HDI Cluster to store callcenter phone calls, It has a FS where all the files are stored and then migrated to a HCP, the problem is that the FS is getting full even when the amount of phone calls stay the same.

Im trying to find out where the migration policy file is located on the HDI so I can validate all parameters are Ok but Im not able to find anithing, worst is that we do not have Hitachi Field Services Manager Suite so we cant check for details.


Can anybody tell me where the migration policy config file is located in the HDI node?

Is there any fast way to know what files are not being migrated or what files are being converted into stub files?

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Alfonso Nunez

It seems that the HDI is saving files int a directory called .history.

Is this normal or something is wrong, our FS is getting full even with the migration running and we dont know why.


Any information will be appreciate it.

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Maxime Mraz

The Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is a dedicated on-ramp optimized for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), an intelligent object store. Moving data from edge or branch offices into centralized repositories can be severely limited by the WAN. Combining Hitachi Data Ingestor, Hitachi Content Platform and Silver Peak replication acceleration software can create a simple, cost-effective solution for mitigating the soaring costs associated with remote office support and data consolidation.Silver Peak accelerates data ingest and recall, clearing up the most common WAN bottlenecks. Remote offices can access files quickly while avoiding technology sprawl, complexity, and the need for on-site IT staffing. 






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Kissy Wolf

All files are automatically replicated to the core infrastructure in your data center. HDI appears as a standard storage device to users and applications. However, for IT departments it drastically simplifies the deployment, provisioning, management and protection of data at remote sites, DGCustomerFirst branch offices and/or cloud service customer sites. HDI automatically copies content out of its internal cache and into the core object storage cloud. This action ensures robust data protection with easy recovery and provides ever-expanding storage capacity for new content.