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 Are there any sizing guidelines ( Number of Master & Worker) for the HCP CS for a large environment?

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Ajay Dhiman posted 05-22-2021 07:28
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Steven Looby

yes, our field Technical experts have access to proprietary tools that can suggest cluster size based on workload. Inputs to this tool require knowledge about the client, specifically:


  • usable capacity
  • average object size
  • target write bandwidth (expressed as GB/S or TB/h)
  • target read bandwidth (expressed as GB/S or TB/h)
  • delete profile (e.g. backup workloads delete ingest data after a short period 30-100 days).


With this 5 pieces of information, we can give a very good idea.

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Tammy Waldschmidt
I know this is an old post, but are there best practices for HCPCS?