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 Issue detecting and monitoring some HCP replication links in HCM

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Alejandro Lineiro posted 03-10-2020 16:22



We have recently installed two HCM instances (virtual single instances, version and everything seems to be working fine, with the exception of the Replication Dashboard.


Only a couple replication links are detected for monitoring in HCM:



However, the HCP (version has more replication links:



The same happens in the other HCP, it has several replication links but only one is detected.


If anyone has any suggestions about the cause of this problem, I would really appreciate your help, please!



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Jonathan Chinitz

First I would try to execute the MAPI call:


 curl -ik -H "Authorization: HCP XXXXXXX:YYYYYY" -H "Accept: application/xml" "https://CLUSTERNAME:9090/mapi/services/replication/links?prettyprint"


to see how many links show up.


Then pick one of the links that DOESN'T appear in HCM and see if you can get its statistics via MAPI:


curl -ik -H "Authorization: HCP XXXXXXX:YYYYYY" -H "Accept: application/xml" "https://CLUSTERNAME:9090/mapi/services/replication/links/LINKNAME?verbose=true&prettyprint"


if you get statistics from MAPI but not from HCM then I suggest you open a support ticket w/GSC.

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Alejandro Lineiro



Thank you for your help! Testing that helped me find the cause.


The links that weren't being detected all had "A/A" at the end of their name. Once I removed that, they were detected properly in HCM. I guess it's because the "/" character isn't being escaped properly or something like that, and it's breaking the MAPI request.


Thank you again!