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 HNAS API "Reset" variable on quota creation.

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João Serra posted 09-13-2021 11:23


To implement a quota on a Virtual file system, the API is this:


curl -v -X POST --insecure -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8" -H "X-Management-IPs:"  -H "X-Subsystem-User: supervisor" -H "X-Subsystem-Password: supervisor" -H "X-Subsystem-Type: FILE" -d ‘{"diskUsageThreshold": {"limit":1234567890,"isHard":true,"reset":65,"warning":75,"severe":95},"fileCountThreshold":{"limit":1000,"isHard":false,"reset":85,"warning":90,"severe":95},"logEvent":true}’


The question is what is the “reset value”?


Is it a % value that resets the warning status. It seems like it but there is no reference of it on the API description:


This is the link where the this API is described:

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Johann du Toit

Hi Joao,

"reset" works when "isHard" is set to "false".

When set to false, it will not stop the user from exceeding the quota, but will generate a warning or severe alert, based on which value was exceeded. The alert will be reset, if data is deleted and usage falls under the "reset" value.

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Additionally, the latest update to REST API is located here 

For latest ViVol info, look here.

Hopefully you are running a very recent version of HNAS where you can enable the "native" REST API instead of using the "legacy" version as we are moving to enable the "native" as the only version in the very near future.

For additional information on vivol quota information and the reset value, please see the man page for quota in the CLI.

                -w, --usage-warn

                    Usage warning threshold (%)

                -p, --usage-critical

                    Usage critical threshold (%)

                -r, --usage-reset

                    Amount by which usage must fall below a threshold before re-logging its event (%)

                -a, --fcount-warn

                    File count warning threshold (%)

                -b, --fcount-critical

                    File count critical threshold (%)

                -c, --fcount-reset

                    Amount by which file count must fall below a threshold before re-logging its event (%)