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 HCI Active Directory - "Not Authorized" Error after successful configuration

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Thabiso Mathabathe posted 05-27-2020 14:29

So I recently setup Active directory for our HCM instance, and everything was green. After adding our group, I tried to login using my AD account and now I am getting the below error:


"Not authorized. Please contact your system administrator."


Initially after we set it up the account successfully logged in using an AD account, now a couple of hours later, the same account cannot login.

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Jonathan Chinitz

@Thabiso Mathabathe​ it could be that you have a cached credential, especially if the time between logins is < 4 hours. You can clear HCI's cache as an administrator. Try clearing HCI's cache by navigating to the Identity Provider in the Admin App and clicking on "Clear Cache":



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Thabiso Mathabathe

Thanks Jon,​