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 Is there a way to retrieve the contents of multiple directories with one HTTP call.?

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Kishore Guntur posted 12-21-2018 21:19

We have a requirement to show up the files that fall in specific date range.

Our file system have folder structure something like


Eg: 2018/12/21/sample.txt

User can select a date range,like get me all files between 2018/01/01 - 2018/12/12

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Dirk Walde

What do you mean with „to show up“ ? Make files visible or download all ?

Http doesn‘t do, as it is a PUT/GET for one file each call.

What about using the Metadata Query Engine (MQE) of HCP, let‘s see what‘s feasible and use the MQE-API with a small script to download the bunch of files ?

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Kishore Guntur

I mean just get the list of files present in those directories.

we have folder created for each day. so if we want to get the contents for a given day we make HTTP GET call to get the contents of that day's directory.

There is a scenario where user want to access files of last 6 months. In such case we may need to make 180 calls(30*6),which is not good thing to do.

Is MQE API has ability to solve above problem with minimum http calls

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Dirk Walde

If you just want a LIST of files instead of the file content itself, you should consider to use S3 API of HCP, as it supports

GET BUCKET V2 (= List all Objects of a bucket/namespace). You could arrange/write a directory structure in a bucket using / Prefix....

But if you want to really access/get/download a file, every GET call is one single operation, even in S3 protocoll.

No, MQE API cannot reduce http calls.