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 how to rename a manual snapshot adding date to the name

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Gary Matthews posted 05-25-2021 10:39


We're currently looking to run some indexing work on our HNAS. This will update the last access date , and rather than keep turning that option on and off , we want to run it against snapshots of our file systems. Now we want to do it against fixed names rather than a scheduled snapshot which adds the date in , but then we want to rename the old one , so I'm thinking of something in crontab like

snapshot-rename filesystem <filesystem> snapshot snapshot+date

snapshot-create filesystem <filesystem> snapshot


but there doesnt seem to be a date command in the cut down shell and I don't think setdate will let me do it . Any ideas?

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Gary Matthews

or is it possible to create a share that always point to the latest snapshot , in the manual it says

The storage server provides a file system view that can be used to access the latest

snapshot for a file system. This view automatically changes as new snapshots are taken,

but is not affected by changes in the live file system. The latest snapshot is the most

recent snapshot for the file system, and is accessible through .snapshot/.latest (or

~snapshot/.latest). The latest snapshot can be exported to NFS clients with the

path /.snapshot/.latest. Latest snapshots can also be shared to SMB clients. When

accessing files via the latest snapshot, NFS operations do not use auto inquiry or auto


but doesnt say how to share with SMB


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@Johannes Du Toit​, do you perhaps know?