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 What is the fastest way to extend a GAD Volume? (best practise CLI)

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Robert Vogel posted 02-04-2021 12:46

I already know one way to expand a GAD Volume at gui HCS 8

  • S-VOL site - unallocate volume
  • both sites - extend volume
  • P-VOL site - Change to GAD Volume

But its to complicated and takes to much time to do so.


I need a faster way at the Commandline Interface.

William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen's profile image
William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen



After Svos 90.04.4 you can also do it by only suspending the volume. Quickest way if the volume is a GAD volume via Administrator, or if adopted in Protector is to:

  • 'Pause' volume in Protector
  • Increase Svol Volume
  • Increase Pvol Volume
  • 'Resume' in Protector


This can also be done via raidcom/CCI to do the same.


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Diego Draper
@William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

So the procedure that you suggested only applies for the VSP E series?

I have some G350-G370 and G200-G400 with GAD implemented but the 90.X.X svos doesnt apply to thes storages.
So I guess for these G storages the only way to epxand the volume is by doing is "unprotecting" the volume from administrator, expand the original vomue and then "protect it" again. Its a pitty because this procedure creates the S-vol from scratch again and takes too long.

Best regards,
Diego D.
William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen's profile image
William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen
@Diego Draper, It should work on your G350/G370s(as I have it working at the CoE on G370's as well)

See the note here:

You can expand the capacity of a DP-VOL used in the GAD, TrueCopy, Universal Replicator, ShadowImage, or Thin Image pair created between or on the following storage systems while keeping the pair status in each software product.

  • VSP 5000 series: Microcode version 90-04-04-00/00 or later
  • VSP G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900: Microcode version 88-06-02-x0/00 or later
  • VSP E990: Microcode version 93-02-03-x0/00 or later
Note: The expansion of DP-VOL capacity on the storage systems shown cannot be used with the expansion of DP-VOL capacity, which was supported for VSP G1x00, VSP F1500 with microcode version 80-06-74-xx/xx or later, while keeping a GAD pair status.